You can download my full CV here.

My main areas of research (with some selected publications and works in progress, and a few links to drafts, reviews, and an erratum) are:

Social and political epistemology:

  • "Animal Knowledge and Social Justification," in progress.
  • "The Value of Common Knowledge," in progress.
  • "Intellectual Trust and the Marketplace of Ideas," in progress.
  • "In Defense of Appeals to Offense," in progress.
  • "The Epistemological Apology for White Supremacism," in progress.
  • "Critical Injustice," American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • "Silencing as Worldmaking," in N. Ashton, R. McKenna, K. Sodoma, and M. Kusch (eds.), Social Epistemology and Epistemic Relativism (Routledge, forthcoming).
  • "Testimony, Understanding, and Art Criticism," in C. Mag Uidhir (ed.), Philosophy and Art: New Essays at the Intersection (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).
  • "False Intellectual Humility," in M. Alfano, M.P. Lynch, and A. Tanesini (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility (Routledge, forthcoming).
  • "Towards Social Accounts of Testimonial Asymmetries," Noûs 51(1) (2017), pp. 49-73.
  • "Intellectual Pride," in J.A. Carter and E.C. Gordon (eds.), The Moral Psychology of Pride (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), pp. 79-98.
  • "The Social Value of Non-Deferential Belief," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 94(1) (2016), pp. 131-51.
  • "Entitlement and Mutually Recognized Reasonable Disagreement,” Episteme 11(1) (2014), pp. 1-25.
  • "Higher-Order Epistemic Attitudes and Intellectual Humility," Episteme 9(3) (2012), pp. 205-23.

Authenticity as a moral ideal:

  • The Wages of Authenticity, in progress.
  • "Truthfulness without Truth," in progress.
  • "Authenticity as an Intellectual Virtue," in progress.
  • "Ambivalence and the Inconsistency of the Good" (with Simon D. Feldman) in D.E. Gatzia and B. Brogaard (eds.), The Philosophy and Psychology of Ambivalence: Being of Two Minds (Routledge, forthcoming).
  • "Authenticity and Self-Knowledge" (with Simon D. Feldman), dialectica 67(2) (2013), pp. 157-81.
  • "What's Bad About Bad Faith?" (with Simon D. Feldman), European Journal of Philosophy 21(1) (2013), pp. 50-73.

Desire as a species of representation:

  • "Justified Desire," in progress.
  • "Desire that Amounts to Knowledge," in progress.
  • The Epistemology of Desire, in progress.
  • "The Guise of the Good and the Problem of Partiality," Canadian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

The value of accurate representation, epistemic normativity, metaethics:

  • "Correctness and Goodness," in C. Kyriacou and R. McKenna (eds.), Metaepistemology: Realism and Anti-Realism (Palgrave, 2018), pp. 197-216.
  • A Luxury of the Understanding: On the Value of True Belief (Oxford University Press, 2013).
  • "Non-Moral Evil," Midwest Studies in Philosophy 36 (2012), pp. 18-34.

The semantics and pragmatics of knowledge attributions (and their connections to the theory of knowledge):

  • "Theory of Knowledge without (Comparative) Linguistics," in M. Mizumoto, S. Stitch, and E. McReady (eds.), Epistemology for the Rest of the World (Oxford University Press, 2018), pp. 251-66.
  • "The Myth of Factive Verbs," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 80(3) (2010), pp. 497-522.
  • "Knowledge and Conversation," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 78(3) (2009), pp. 591-620.

I have also published two items that are designed as introductory materials: