Artwork by Alina Deutsch
Large Size Wall Hangings Made
 of Felt  Sewn on Canvas @Alina Deutsch
Orchestra, 40" x 70", @Alina Deutsch 1993
Music brings spiritual fulfillment.
Not available for sale.
The Family, 40" x 68", @Alina Deutsch 1993
Celebrating the joys of family unity.
Not available for sale.

 Reservoir in Early Spring, 46" x 49", @Alina Deutsch 1998
Small island in the middle of Kensico reservoir awakes to early spring.
Not available for sale.
Bellagio on Lake Como, 46" x 49", @Alina Deutsch 2003 
In private collection
The most beautiful small village on lake Como with magnificent views of the Alps.
Not available for sale, in private collection
In the Shade of the Birch Trees, 36" x 48", @Alina Deutsch 1996
Life is happy under the beautiful, old, birch trees.
Not available for sale.