Black Sea Publications

From the Carpatian Mountains comes the most comprehensive collection of traditional Romanian recipes. This 516-page book, with colored illustrations, offers bilingual titles and search index and metric and English units for 1,296 recipes translated and adapted from the 1966 edition of the most favorite Romanian cookbook.

This book has been translated and enhanced from the fifth edition of Carte de Bucate by Sanda Marin that was published in 1966. The first edition was published in 1938 and contained close to 10,000 recipes. After the war, an abbreviated version was republished and has served as inspiration to many cookbook authors in Romania. Nevertheless, Sanda Marin's Cookbook remains the one book every Romanian, young or old, has heard about and has used and loved. This English version has been featured in The International Cookbook Revue, vol. II, no. 1, p.53, Jan.-Feb., 1997.
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