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Google Earth Activitites

Make sure the Fly To panel is selected in the search pane. Enter the location in the into the search box. When you click the Search button (the magnifying glass), Google Earth will zoom to that location.

location Disney World
city country
 Paris, France
city, state
 Minneapolis, MN
number street, city, state
 1500 Opus Place. Downers Grove, IL
number street, city, zip
 1500 Opus Place, Downers Grove 60515
cross street, city, state
 W 42nd and Broadway, New York, NY
latitude, longitude (in decimal)
 37.7, -122.2
latitude, longitude 9in DMS format)
 37 49'35.33"N 122 25'22.43"W

  • Take a Tour
    • Click the Directions Tab in the search pane.
    • Enter the start and end addresses
    • You route will be mapped
    • Click on the tour button to "fly" the complete route.

  • Create a tour