Working Papers

Skill Transferability, Migration, and Development: Evidence from Population Resettlement in Indonesia
(with Samuel Bazzi, Arya Gaduh, and Maisy Wong)
July 2014 [paper, appendix]

Transport Infrastructure and Firm Location Choice in Equilibrium:  Evidence from Indonesia's Highways
October 2013 [paperappendix]
Under Revision

Research in Progress

The Benefits of Transport Infrastructure: Evidence from Banana Company Railroads in Honduras
(with Bryan S. Graham)

How Does Road Quality Affect Labor Markets?  Evidence from Indonesia's Highways
(with Paul J. Gertler, Tadeja Gracner, and Marco Gonzalez-Navarro) 


Financial Crisis and Productivity Evolution:  Evidence from Indonesia
(with Sharon L. Poczter and Paul J. Gertler)
The World Economy 37(5):  705-731, May 2014 [paper]
        Submitted Version, May 2013 [paper]

Collective Action in Diverse Sierra Leone Communities 
(with Rachel Glennerster and Edward Miguel)
The Economic Journal 123(568):  285-316, May 2013 [paper]
Submitted Version [paperappendix]
Working Paper Version:  NBER Working Paper Number 16196 [paper]

Sudden Flight and True Sudden Stops
(with Francis E. Warnock)
Review of International Economics 19(3):  509-524, August 2011 [paper]
Working Paper Version:  NBER Working Paper Number 12726 [paper]

Outflows-induced Sudden Stops
(with Jillian E. Faucette and Francis E. Warnock)
The Journal of Policy Reform 8(2):  119-129, June 2005 [paper]

Other Working Papers

Exchange-Rate Pass-Through in the G-7 countries
(with Jane E. Ihrig and Mario Marazzi)
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
International Finance Discussion Paper Number 851, January 2006 [paper]