Working Papers

Unity in Diversity? How Intergroup Contact Can Foster Nation Building
        (with Samuel Bazzi, Arya Gaduh, and Maisy Wong)
        February 2018 [paper]
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Improving Mobility in Developing Country Cities: Evaluating Bus Rapid Transit and Other Policies in Jakarta
        (with Arya Gaduh and Tadeja Gracner)
        October 2017 [paper]

Identifying Productivity Spillovers Using the Structure of Production Networks
        (with Samuel Bazzi, Amalavoyal Chari, and Shanthi Nataraj)
        September 2017 [paper]
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Assessing the Spatial Concentration of Indonesia's Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from Three Decades
        (with Samuel Bazzi, Amalavoyal Chari, and Shanthi Nataraj)
        December 2016 [paper]
        Media [PEDL Research Note]

When Regional Policies Fail: An Evaluation of Indonesia's Integrated Economic Development Zones
(with Samuel Bazzi, Amalavoyal Chari, and Shanthi Nataraj)
December 2016 [paper]

Road Quality and Local Economic Activity: Evidence from Indonesia's Highways
        (with Paul J. Gertler, Tadeja Gracner, and Marco Gonzalez-Navarro)
        October 2015 [paper]
Transport Infrastructure and Firm Location Choice in Equilibrium: Evidence from Indonesia's Highways
October 2013 [paperappendix]

The Benefits of Transport Infrastructure: Evidence from Banana Company Railroads in Honduras
        (with Bryan S. Graham)
Draft Available Upon Request

Resting Projects

Exchange-Rate Pass-Through in the G-7 Countries
(with Jane E. Ihrig and Mario Marazzi)
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
International Finance Discussion Paper Number 851, January 2006 [paper]