Tools and Scripts

Below are links to a few scripts, sub-routines, and software packages that I've found helpful for analyzing data and conducting empirical research. The only disclaimer is that all of my own scripts are provided "as is".

TextMate - without a doubt, the best text editor for programming in Mac OS X. Packages in LaTeX, Stata, and Python provide seamless integration with LaTeX and other statistical software packages is unparalleled. 

  • listtex - a useful command for creating summary statistics tables from STATA .dta files and writing them to .tex files.
  • estout - great suite of commands for creating tables of estimation results in STATA and exporting them to .tex files.

Maps in STATA
  • spmap - very handy for visualizing georeferenced datasets.

GIS in Python
  • - a simple script for converting DBF files into CSV files.
  • - a script for clipping raster files, using GDAL.
  • - a script for looping across multiple raster files, creating zonal statistics for each of them. Requires ArcView.
  • - a similar script for batch-creating zonal statistics. This uses a Python package (rasterstats) and is entirely open source.