Tools and Scripts

I use a number of different programs for doing empirical research and writing papers (e.g. STATA, MATLAB, ArcView), and the scripts and sub-routines listed here have improved my productivity tremendously.  They might require an investment in learning how to use them but are seriously worth the effort.  Links can be found here, and all of my own scripts are provided "as is":

TextMate - without a doubt, the best text editor for Mac OS X.  The seamless integration with LaTeX and other statistical software packages is unparalleled. 

  • listtex - a useful command for creating summary statistics tables from STATA .dta files and writing them to .tex files.
  • estout - great suite of commands for creating tables of estimation results in STATA and exporting them to .tex files.

  • spmap - very handy for producing maps of data from spatial datasets.

Python and ArcView
  • - a script for converting DBF files into CSV files.
  • - a script for looping across multiple raster files, creating zonal statistics for each of them.