A little presentation

  This is a little presentation of some of my activities.
  The website is still under heavy construction. I managed to start it on Sunday, on the 23rd of August 2009 and it is my first attempt to build a website.

  My name is Alexandru Fira, I am 38 years old now (year 2017), I am a Biology graduate from the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania www.ubbcluj.ro , currently I am unmarried, I use the computer very much especially for seeking information and for downloading, but also for watching movies, writing, listening to music and playing games.
  I am a Linux user and I like Linux a lot. 
  In my spare time I write some small programs in FreeBASIC or in Javascript and I started to experiment with RFO BASIC. I also walk much. Due to my work I have little spare time, so I neglected these hobbies lately.

 My phone number is secret, but not for long !
 My email addresses are: firaalexandru@yahoo.com , alexafinarul@gmail.com
 Skype ID: alexfiracluj
 Messenger ID: firaalexandru
   Here I have a public gallery of pictures (site still in construction). More pics coming in case we have time and resources:

    I also have another website, where i intend to put pictures from my city as well as pictures of plants, mostly not in vitro and some from the domain of IT:

    I have also set up, together with my colleague, engineer Doina Clapa, PhD, an unofficial website for the plant tissue culture laboratory at the Fruit Research Station:

 where we present some results of our work at the lab and some products that we offer for sale.

Current job: laboratory technician in the City of Roses:

Former significant job:
Researcher at the Fruit Research Station Cluj
Address: Str. Horticultorilor no. 5
               Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj
Website: www.scdpcluj.ro

    Currently I am looking for nice and interesting people everywhere in the World.

My colleagues at the lab in Cluj:
Dr. engineer Doina Clapa, my former boss

Former colleagues (which we lost because of unpaid salaries and awful working conditions): 
Maria-Gabriela Man
Liana Marina 
Aurora Campean
Rodica Arsene
    I helped a lot with setting up the technology for blueberry propagation for two nurseries in Romania
www.afini.ro and www.afinul.ro and I will soon become a historical figure, but not alone.