presence of a learner

I am an ex chemist slowly becoming an alchemist for change.

I am a man approaching retirement age, but looking forward with anticipation to another forty years of Being, Living, Learning and Growing.I am  a learner who enjoys sharing conversation and activities with anyone who is seeking to improve themselves and things in a rational, caring way, whilst showing respect for other people and the planet.

I am part of a large family - a big happy bunch: A Wonderful Wife, two sons, two step daughters, one step son, Marvellous Mum, Departed Dad, two terrific sisters, three thriving brothers, plus caring sisters and brothers in- laws and loads of nephews, nieces and cousins, and some really special friends.
I like you am a being, I first started out (from 10 years of age) wanting to be a chemist. After graduating as a chemist I started to read more widely and encountered descriptions and maps for the internal and external dimensions of the universe we inhabit. I am still trying to orientate myself within that universe.  I find more congruence with the roles of alchemists and catalysts in the realm of human change than those of the chemist in the manipulation of molecules.
I am creating this space to share ideas, to have a presence and as a present. A present  in return for all the gifts I have been given by others. Who by sharing their time, ideas and skills with me have been a part of my own journey of becoming and being. Thanks to all of them, and all those who shared their insights with them - to pass on to me.
Alchemists claim mastery of change. Not a claim this apprentice alchemist being makes. Rather I seek to use the maps and models of the universe from the alchemists of the ages to find ways of unravelling the illusions, predjudices, biases and projections of my senses and perceptions which prevent me from knowing my being as ultimate reality. Sounds grand and pompous, yet my hobby brings humour, enjoyment and entertainment to living.
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