Dryer Vent Cleaning

A Very Important Part of Safeguarding Your Home or Property! 

Having the Dryer Exhaust VENT Cleaned

  • Increases Efficiency and Reduces the Risk of Fires!
  • There are 3 VERY IMPORTANT reasons why your dryer duct needs to be cleaned at lease once a year.

Reason Number 1

There where 16,499 Dryer Vent Fires last year.

and the number continues to rise. Why? Most people don't know their dryer vents need to be cleaned. But the dryer vent duct is where lint can really build up and get clogged.  And lint is highly flammable, accounting for most dryer vent fires.

*source: The Consumer Products Safety Commission


Reason Number 2

Lint build up Takes More Energy (and money) to Dry your Clothes

Our dryer vent cleaning professional will detect potential hazards such as the presence of a flammable vinyl duct or a duct run that is improperly routed or a bird’s nest blocking airflow. As well as cleaning the lint filter after each load of clothes, protect your family by having your dryer vent system cleaned and inspected by our dryer vent cleaning specialist. A plastic, flexible duct is more likely to trap lint than ducting without ridges. Airflow can also be reduced by kinks or crushing of the duct. Most manufacturers specify the use of rigid or flexible metal duct to provide a minimum restriction of airflow.

Drying Clothes Takes For Ever! 

If your dryer isn't drying your clothes like it used to, you may not need a new dryer. A dryer vent clogged with lint reduces airflow so it doesn’t dry as efficiently and takes more energy (and money) to dry your clothes. Long vent ducts are especially susceptible to lint buildup. You can suspect lint buildup if your clothing is still damp at the end of a normal cycle.


Reason Number 3  

Dryer Damage...

Even a 1/4 inch of lint build-up in the duct exhaust increases energy consumption and dry time by 50%! 

The dryer works harder and harder the more the lint builds up. 

Today many dryers such as LG,and other High tech looking dryers  are actually too  sensitive,,and  wont actually  work unless you keep the  dryer duct perfectly clean  and  short.   I have  seen  dryer ducts that are so convoluted and long that these  newer  "too sensitive" dryers don't work with. 

The older Kenmore or Maytag dyers and other older machines are actually just fine and tougher than a lot of the "modern models".


^^^^^    Exhaust  port is cleaned from outside and inside from behind dryer.                                                          


Dryer lint cloggage like this

can cause a machine damage and fire!