XXI — The Universe

The Edge of the Universe

The edge of the universe is simply a mirror. To travel to the edge of the universe would be to catch up to the beginning of it. We would be looking into the original singularity and would simply see ourselves. To leave our universe would be to travel into the singularity itself. That is the only gate.

The edge is the center. This is Pascal’s Sphere
— RD (2015)

A Small Sample of Galaxies
Deep space exposure taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
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3910 x 3912
Makes great Wallpaper or Screen Saver

The Turning of the Wheel and the End of the Cycle

The Return– José Luis Rodríguez Guerra

I have often fantasied about a world where there is no certainty. A truly empirical universe with no god and no predestination. In order to make sense of this universe man has no choice but to create god. To complete the circle and replace the missing piece. We as conscious beings are the answer. We find the break in the symmetry and replace the missing piece. At that moment the universe freezes like Vonnegut’s Ice-9 racing through space and time. Instantaneously it dissolves into true nothingness. No space. No time. A blanket of forgetful sleep that erases everything and prepares the ground for new life. This is the metaphor. This is the end and the beginning. — RD (2015)