Divorced/Separated/Single Parenting Skills

Session One

  • Self-Esteem

  • Co-Parenting Guidelines

  • Co-Parenting Benefits for Child(ren) and Parent(s)

  • Affects of Conflict

  • Factors that put Child(ren) in the Middle

  • Loyalty Binds/Alienation

  • Protecting Children from Custody Issues

  • Handling Loyalty Bind Situations

  • Co-Parenting Stages

  • Re-Alignment

  • Forgiveness

  • Disengaging

  • Business Relationship

  • Reflective Listening

  • I-Message

  • I-Message

Session Two

· Problem Ownership

· Setting Boundaries

· Anger Types

· Anger Triggers, Anger Expressions & Progression

· Managing and Deflecting Anger

· Distorted Beliefs

· Conflict Prevention & Resolution Skills

· Common Co-Parenting Situations

· Acceptance of Differences

· Parental Concerns

· Steps for Negotiating Parental Concerns

· Shared Activities

· Extended Family

· Preparing for Situational Changes

· Navigating Development Changes

· Written Communication for Common Situations (educational, medical, activities, schedule changes)

Certificates are given at the

end of each session!

PRICING: Each four-week session is $100 per individual. Individuals are welcome to attend with their new spouse or significant other for $175

NOTE: Agape Co-Parent Coaching's policy is for Co-Parents to attend separate sessions