Co-Parent Counseling


Co-Parent counseling can assist co-parents in many ways.  For instance, do you have a specific co-parenting need that you wish to address?  Are you having trouble keeping your emotions out of communication in order to stay child-focused?  Co-Parent counseling can assist you in staying focused on your child(ren)'s needs and not yours and/or your co-parent's needs by providing you with helpful communication techniques and skills in areas such as:

·         Educational Conflict Issues

·         Medical Conflict Issues

·         Custodial Conflict Issues

·         Holiday Scheduling Issues

·         Extra Curricular Issues

Do you have an upcoming mediation or assessment and need help with organizing your thoughts regarding your child(ren)'s needs?  Let Agape Co-Parenting Services assist you with communication techniques and skills for:
·         Mediation Preparation
·        Assessment Preparation
Pricing:  Clients are billed in 15-minute increments at the rate of $75 per hour