Past AAF Meetings

        2013.6.10~14            CERT Training Courses with AfricaCERT (during Africa Internet Summit), Lusaka, Zambia

2012.11 CERT Training Courses with AfricaCERT (during AfriNIC), Khartoum, Sudan

2012.5.6~18 AfNOG-13 and AfriNIC-16 Meetings, Banjul, Gambia

             2012.5.7~9 CERT Course for Technical Staff
             2012.5.10~11 Advanced CERT Training Course on Network Security
             2012.5.12~13 AAF Workshop

  2011.11.19~25 AfriNIC Meeting, Yaounde, Cameroon
             11.19~20 Advanced CERT Course on Web Security: Network Forensics Training [link??] (in English) [Photos - link??]
             11.21 CERT Course for Manager [in French]  [in English] materials and videos (100MB zipped - link??)
        2011.5.30~6.10 "Internet Summit Africa"(AfNOG,AfriNIC,AfREN,AAF, ...)
             5.30~6.4 CERT Training Course, Dar es Salaam [Program] [Photos - link??]
             Part1: 5.30 CERT Training Course for Manager (and Introduction on CERT) [Program]
             Part2: 5.31~6.2 CERT Training Course for Technical Staff [Program] [Report - link??]
             Part3: 6.3~6.4 Advanced CERT Training Course on Web Security [Program]
             6.5 20:30~22:00 BoF on Africa CERT [Agenda]
        2011.2.20 AP* Retreat with AAF, Hong Kong [Program]

        2010.11.20~11.26 AfriNIC Meeting, Johannesburg, South Africa
             11.20~22 CERT Instructor Training Course for Technical Staff [Program]
             11.22 17:00-19:00 Web WG Meeting
             11.23 09:00-18:00 CERT Training Course for Managers and Policy Makers [Program]
             11.23 18:00-19:00 Security WG Meeting [Program]
        2010.5.29~6.4 "Internet Summit of Africa (AfREN/AAF/AfNOG/AfriNIC/INET), Kigali, Rwanda
             5.30 09:00~10:45 AAF Workshop [Program]
             5.30 11:00~18:00 Cyber Security Workshop (Jointly with AfNOG/AfriNIC/AfREN) [Program]
             5.31       Web Workshop (Jointly with AfNOG/AfriNIC/AfREN), Kigali, Rwanda [Program]
             5.31       CERT Instructor Training Course (Jointly with AfNOG/AfriNIC/AfREN) [Program] [Pre-Readings]
        2010.5.27 Africa Asia Remote Medical Workshop (between Nairobi University and Kyushu University), Nairobi, Kenya [Program]

        2009.11.23 AAF Workshop during AfriNIC Meetings, Dakar, Senegal [Program, Meeting Report]
        2009.5.15 AAF Workshop on Network Research and Engineering [Program]
        2009.5.14 AAF Demonstration - Medical Video Conference between Egypt and Japan
        2009.5.14 AAF Coordination Meeting

        2008.11.25~27 Experimental Seminar of AfricaAsia Collaboration Forum, Mauritius [Program, Presentations, Meeting Report]       

        2008.11.2 Third Collaboration Meeting, Cairo [Agenda, Minutes]
        2008.8.27 Second Collaboration Meeting, Jeju [Minutes - link??]
        2008.6.17 First Collaboration Meeting, Seoul [Agenda, Minutes]

 Related Meetings

        2013.6.8~18  Luzaka, Zambia, Africa Internet Summit
        2012.11 Khartoum, Sudan AfriNIC-17 Meeting
        2012.6.17~22 Malta FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams)       
2012.5.23~25 Cotonou, Benin eLearning Africa
        2012.5.6~18 Banjul, Gambia,  Internet Summit Africa
        2012.3.5~7 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso "Internet Infrastructure for an African Digital Economy" [Recommendations]
        2012.2.21~3.2 New Delhi, India APRICOT

        2011.11.29~30 Cape Town, South Africa 2nd Annual South African Cyber Crime Conference       
2011.10.24~28 Dakar ICANN
        2011.10.24~28 Nairobi Internet Governance Forum
        2011.8.31~9.2 Johannesburg, South Africa South African Internet Governance Forum
        2011.8.23~24 Cape Town Mobile Entertainment Africa
        2011.7.25~27 Nairobi East Africa Workshop on Cyberspace Security
        2011.5.29~6.10 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania "Internet Summit Africa" (AfNOG-12, AfriNIC-14, AfREN, AAF, ...)
        2011.5.25~5.27 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania eLearning Africa 2011 Conference       
2011.5.25~26 Nairobi, Kenya Mobile Web East Africa
        2011.4~9 Sub-Saharan Africa Android Developer Challenge - Sub-Saharan Africa       
2011.2.28~3.8 Lome, Togo Hacking and Security Forum 1st Edition
        2011.2.28~3.4 Lome, Togo CISSP training
        2011.2.20~24 APRICOT-APAN.Asia Meeting, Hong Kong
        2011.2.2~3 Lagos, Nigeria Mobile Web West Africa
        2011.1.22~24 Johannesburg Mobile Web Africa

        2010.11.30~12.2 Abuja, Nigeria 1st West Africa Cybercrime Summit - link??
        2010.11.22~26 Tunisia Training on Cybersecurity (in English)
        2010.11 Johannesburg, South Africa AfriNIC
        2010.10.18~20 Abuja, Nigeria West Africa Cybercrime Summit
        2010.9.28~10.1 Johannesburg, South Africa Mobile Web in Africa  - link??
        2010.8.23~25 Dakar, Senegal West Africa Internet Governance Forum
        2010.8.11~13 Kampala, Uganda East Africa Internet Governance Forum
        2010.6.24~25 Rabat, Morocco OIC-CERT Regional workshop (Africa region) - link??
        2010.6.17~19 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Third Pan-African Forum on ICT, OUagadougou, Burkina Faso      
2010.5.23-6.4 Kigali, Rwanda "Internet Summit" (AfNOG/AfriNIC/AfREN/AAF)
        2010.2.3-4 Nairobi, Kenya Mobile Web East Africa - link??
        2010.1.25-26 Mauritius AfriNIC AfGWG Law Enforcement Event

        2009.11.28-12.4 Dakar, Senegal AfriNIC
        2009.10.13-14 Johannesburg, South Africa Mobile Web in Africa - link??
        2009.6.4-5 Tunis ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Africa and Arab States
        2009.5.10-21 Cairo, Egypt AfREN/AfriNIC/AfREN/INET/...
        2009.4.1-2 Maputo, Mozambique W3C Workshop on African Perspective on Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development
        2009.3.3 Kaohsiung, Taiwan APAN-AsiaFI-AAF Joint Workshop on Future Internet Technology for The Other Billions [Program - link??]

        2008.10.6-17 Tunisia Training on Cybersecurity (in French)