CERT Training

AAF offered the following CERT training courses with other organizations; AfNOG, AfriNIC, METI/JPCERT, APCERT

1. CERT Introduction(CERT Training Course for Manager and Policy Maker)

2010.5.31 Kigali 2010.11.23 Johannesburg 2011.5.30 Dar es Salaam 2011.11.21 Yaounde [in French] [in English] materials and videos (100MB zipped)

2012.5.7 Banjul, Gambia 2012.11 Khartoum

2. CERT Training Course for Technical Staff

2010.11.23 Johannesburg 2011.5.31~6.2 Dar es Salaam 2012.5.8~10 Banjul, Gambia

3. Advanced CERT Training Course

2011.6.3~4 Dar es Salaam 2011.11.19~20 Yaounde 2012.5.11~12 Banjul, Gambia