What's New in Africa and Asia?

  - Africa Internet Summit (AIS) exchanges with APRICOT in Malaysia, 2014.2.18-28
        Nii Quaynor to give a keynote speech at APRICOT
        Nancy Dotse to give a presentation on Africa Internet Summit (AIS) at AP* Retreat in Malaysia, 2014.2.23

  - Southern Africa Network Operators Group (SAFNOG) will have its first meeting in 2014.4.22-23.

  - AfricaCERT events during Africa Internet Summit (AIS) in Djibouti, 2014.5.25-6.6
         AfricaCERT Workshop                  2014.5.26-30    (Monday - Friday).
        AfricaCERT Cybersecurity Day3   2014.5.31         (Saturday).
       Tutorials during AfNOG                  2014.6.1-2        (Sunday - Monday).

Events in Africa and Asia

           2.18~28     APRICOT                                                 Petaling Jaya
           3.18-21      APCERT                                                  Taipei
           4.22-23      SAFNOG                                                 Johannesburg
           4.23-24      Global Multistakeholder Meeting on IG   Sao Paulo
           5.25~6.6    Africa Internet Summit (AIS)                    Djibouti 
           6.               AfIGF         
           8.3-6          Asia Pacific regional IGF(APrIGF)           Hyderabad
           9.1-5          Internet Governance Forum                     Istanbul
           9.9-19        APNIC                                                      Noumea                                 
         11.               AfriNIC