I recently joined the Norwegian Business School. Prior to that, I was an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford. I teach or have taught various topics within microeconomics and finance.                                                                                                              
In broad terms, my research applies the tools of microeconomics to understand the way markets work. A chunk of my research studies the flow and production of information in financial markets. Another investigates applications of information design. In the past, I did research in physics and on networks.

Here is a list of my working papers:
  1. Testing, Disclosure and Approvalwith J. Bizzotto and J. Rudiger;
  2. Who Acquires Information in Dealer Markets? with J. Rudiger;
  3. Information Production in the Credit Rating Industry with J. Bizzotto.
  4. Dynamic Persuasion with Outside Informationwith J. Bizzotto and J. Rudiger;
  5. Competing for Talentwith Y. Ishii and A. Oery. 

And here is a list of my published papers:
  1. Learning about Analystswith J. Rudiger,  Journal of Economic Theory;
  2. Robust Networkswith S. Goyal, Review of Economic Studies;
  3. Credit Rating and Debt Crises, with S. Holden and G. Natvik, International Economic Review;
  4. Interaction, Protection, and Epidemicswith S. Goyal, Journal of Public Economics;
  5. Meeting Friends of Friends and Homophily, Economic Theory;
  6. Inclusion of the Strong Interaction in Hydrogen Antihydrogen Scattering, with E. Armour, Journal of Physics.

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