Aniko Öry

I am an Associate Professor of Economics (without tenure) at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. I was previously an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management. 

My research focuses on Industrial Organizations, Microeconomic Theory and Quantitative Marketing.

Email: aoery (at) andrew.cmu (dot) edu

Curriculum Vitae: pdf 

website last updated: July, 2023

          Photo credit:   Charis X. Lee   

Published and accepted papers: 

1. Mentoring and the Dynamics of Affirmative Action pdf

joint with Michèle Müller-Itten 

AEJ: Economic Policy, May 2022, Vol.14, No. 2, pp.

Notre Dame News article:

Yale Insights article:

2. Contracting with Word-of-Mouth Management pdf

joint with Yuichiro Kamada

Management Science, November 2020, Vol.66, No. 11, pp. 5094-5107

Online Supplementary Appendix: pdf

(Previously circulated as "Encouraging Word of Mouth: Free Contracts, Referral Programs, or Both?")

Yale Insights article:

3. The Benefit of Collective Reputation pdf

Joint with Zvika Neeman and Jungju Yu 

RAND Journal of Economics, Winter 2019, Vol. 50, Issue 4, 787-821

4. Transparency and Distressed Sales under Asymmetric Information pdf 

joint with William Fuchs and Andrzej Skrzypacz 

Theoretical Economics, 2016, Vol. 11, Issue 3 (Sept.), 1103-1144

5. The "Magic Formula" for Linearly Edge-Reinforced Random Walks pdf

joint with Franz Merkl and Silke W.W. Rolles

Statistica Neerlandica, 2008, Vol. 62, Nr. 3, 345-363

Working Papers: 

6. Aiming for the Goal: Contribution Dynamics of Crowdfunding  pdf

Joint with Joyee Deb and Kevin R. Williams

conditional accept, American Economic Review 

7. A Disclosure Game with (Non-)Experts  pdf

joint with Hung-Ni Chen and Chi-Ying Wang 

Online appendix: pdf

8. When do consumers talk? pdf

joint with Ishita Chakraborty and Joyee Deb  

(formerly: Managing Word of Mouth Content)

Yale Center for Customer Insights Blog:

9. Dynamic Price Competition: Theory and Empricial Evidence From Airline Markets pdf

joint with Jose Betancourt, Ali Hortacsu and Kevin R. Williams 

10. Influence or Advertise: The role of Social Learning in Influencer Marketing pdf

joint with Ron Bermann and Xudong Zheng 

11. Consumers on a Leash: Advertised Sales and Intertemporal Price Discrimination pdf

12. Competing for Talent pdf

Joint with Yuhta Ishii and Adrien Vigier

Work in Progress: 

13. Education Signaling with Two Groups

 joint with Gabriella Fuschini



1. Managerial Economics (MBA Core Class)

Yale SOM:

1. Strategic Market Measurements

2. Listening to the Customer


3. International Experience Japan trip 

(blog on SOM website, press release Yamaha, consulate in Boston)

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