Working Papers

Law & Finance Papers

Information Management and the Gun-Jumping Rules

Self-Help Liquidity: The Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank on the Corporate Bond Market

Finance Papers

Better Bond Indices and Liquidity Gaming the Rest (with Matthew Spiegel)

Indices available on Matt Spiegel's website

What Matters to Individual Investors? Evidence from the Horse's Mouth (with James Choi)

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Law & Finance Papers

Shadow Banking, Shadow Bailouts, __ Del. J. Corp. L. __ (forthcoming 2018)

Blowing Hot Air: Regulatory Credibility and the Living Will Requirement, 14 N.Y.U. J.L. & Bus. __ (forthcoming 2018)

Privacy Papers

Privacy Harms, 69 Hastings L.J. __ (forthcoming 2018) (with Ignacio N. Cofone)

Consumer Privacy in a Behavioral World, 69 Hastings L.J. __ (forthcoming 2018) (with Ignacio N. Cofone)