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Past ones

* Star formation in radio, milimetre and sub-milimetre wavelengths, Jodrell Bank, Manchester UK (Jul 2017)
* SPARCS 2017 meeting, Perth WA, Australia (Jul 2017)
* Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Meeting 2017, Canberra ACT, Australia (Jul 2017)


    Early Science from Low-frequency Radio Telescopes, Pasadena, USA (7-9 Dec 2016)
    * 2016 CAASTRO RetreatWestern Australia (28-30 Nov 2016)

* MWA Project Meeting, Perth WA, Australia (June 2016)
* ASKAP 2016: The future of radio astronomy surveys, Sydney NSW, Australia (June 201
* International EMU meeting, Sydney NSW, AUstralia (June 2016)
Follow up on large area X-ray surveys: Science, Facilities, Programs, Ringberg Castle, Bavaria (April 2016)

* Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) Annual Meeting, Fremantle WA, Australia (July 2015)

* Early Science from Low-frequency Radio Telescopes, ASU, Tempe AZ, USA (Dec 2014)
* EMU/POSSUM/GALFACTS meeting 2014, Sydney NSW, Australia (Dec 2014)
* 2014 CAASTRO Retreat, Twin Waters QLD, Australia (Nov 2014)
* The Inaugural MWA GEG/GLEAM workshop, Perth WA, Australia (Oct 2014)
* Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) Annual Meeting, Sydney NSW, Australia (Jul 2014)
* Southern Cross 2014: 'Powerful AGN and their hosts across cosmic time', Port Douglas QLD, Australia (Jun 2014) 
* Advancing Astrophysics with the SKA, Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy (Jun 2014)
* SPARCS 2014 meeting, Catania, Sicily, Italy (Jun 2014) 

* MWA Project Meeting, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Dec 2013)
* The Ephemeral Universe with Widefield Low Frequency Arrays , Perth WA, Australia (Nov 2013)
* 2013 CAASTRO Annual Retreat, Torquay VIC, Australia (Nov 2013)
* Understanding the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders: The 3rd SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys (SPARCS) meeting, Jodrell Bank, U.K. (Sep 2013) 
* Galaxy Evolution over Five Decades, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, U.K. (Sep 2013)
* Lofar Imaging Busy Week, Manchester, U.K. (Apr 2013) 
* The Modern Radio Universe 2013, Bonn, Germany (Apr 2013)
* Lofar Busy Week: Imaging the low frequency radio sky with LOFAR, Leiden, NL (Jan 2013)

* XMM/Newton Science Workshop: Galaxy Clusters as Giant Cosmic Laboratories, ESAC, Madrid, Spain (May 2012) 
* RTS 2012- Resolving The Sky - Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future, Manchester, UK(Apr 2012) 

* Dark Matter in clusters, groups and galaxies. 13th Nottingham-Birmingham Extragalactic Workshop, Nottingham, UK (Sep 2011) 
* Future Science Leadership Workshop, St. John's College, Oxford, UK (Sep 2011)
* Black Hole Astrophysics: Tales of Power and Destruction, Winchester, UK, LOC member (Jul 2011)
* Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting 2011, Llandudno, Wales, UK (Apr 2011)

* AGN: populations, parameters and power. 12th Birmingham-Nottingham Extragalactic Workshop, Birmingham, UK (Sep 2010)
* Black Hole Variability 2010 Workshop: expanding our frontiers, Southampton, UK, LOC member (May 2010)
* HEAD 2010, Big Island, Hawaii, USA (Mar 2010)

* Powerful Radio Galaxies: Triggering and Feedback, Leiden, Netherlands (Nov 2009)
* BH Universe: 1st Summer School on Multiwavelength Astronomy, Paris, France (Jun/Jul 2009)
* Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a global view, Como, Italy (Jun 2009)

* MCCT SKADS Workshop: Deep Field Imaging with SKA, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, UK (Aug 2008) 
* 4th CSS/GPS Workshop, Riccione, Italy (May 2008) 

* 62nd Nederlandse Astronomen Conferentie (NAC), Netherlands (May 2007)

* 8th Student Parabolic Flight Campaign, Bordeaux, France, ESA (Jul 2005)

* 54th International Astronautical Conference, Bremen, Germany, attended through Student Participation Programme, ESA (Sep/Oct 2003)