Genetic Descendants of Adam Brouwer Berckhoven

 Welcome to the Brewer line of Adam Brouwer (1620-1692) of New Netherland

The purpose of this site is to expand upon the Y-DNA Test results of the Brewer DNA Surname Project hosted by FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) at:  www.familytreedna.com/public/BrewerDNA/

The Brewer Surname Project uses Y-DNA test results to identify family groups of genetically related living male participants through their matching haplotypes (genetic signatures).  Such testing can show a definite relationship exists between two or more males and that they share a common ancestor within genealogical time spans, but not with whom or when.  Documented genealogical pedigrees add the missing information.  The two sets of data (paper trail and DNA results) compliment and support one another.  Here, on this site, we provide the genealogical pedigrees associated with the New Netherland 17th century  immigrant ancestor Adam Brouwer Berckhoven, keyed to the DNA test by individual Y-DNA Kit number.  This information is presented on the “Pedigrees” page where you may find your own genealogical connection to a participant and contact information enabling you to exchange family research with them. (Note: to navigate this site, click on the name of the page you wish to visit located in the side bar of each page)

Sharing research and family information amongst the matched members has helped some individuals extend their pedigree three or more generations and to clear up mistaken connections, while others have discovered connections they were previously unaware of.  DNA testing has proved to be a fruitful genealogical tool for all of us.

December 22, 2009. Added the following two web pages to this site:

Adam’s DNA” provides a short Y-DNA Primer defining concepts used in genetic genealogy, such as mutations and their relation to Haplotypes and Haplogroups, followed by a derivation of the ancestral Y-DNA signature of Adam Brouwer using the signatures and pedigrees provided on the “Pedigrees” page.

Adam’s Haplogroup”  describes the deep time prehistory migrations out of Africa into the Balkans and Europe of the E-V13 (E1b1b1a2) haplogroup that locates Adam Brouwer and his descendants on the Genetic Tree of mankind. Also discussed is a conjecture that the source of the E-V13 that finds expression in Adam Brouwer’s parentage in Cologne, Germany may be a Roman Auxilliary soldier of Balkan origins.

NEW: April 8, 2010. Added research results. An alternative conjecture, that Ashkenaz Jewish populations could be the source of Adam’s E-V13 haplogroup, is found untenable. 

Detailed, fully sourced genealogical information regarding Adam Brouwer and his children is available on the Brouwer Genealogy Database maintained by Chris Chester at:


and will not be repeated here.

As Chris has indicated, Adam Brouwer Berckhoven (the name he called himself in his will) is the progenitor of the largest of the three Brouwer families present in 17th century New Netherland. Adam Brouwer and his wife, Magdalena Verdon, had fourteen children reach adulthood, who in turn left at least 97 grandchildren, and more than 350 great-grandchildren.  The problem of identifying living ancestors of this large family is made possible through Y-DNA testing and comparison to the derived Ancestral Y-chromosome genetic signature (haplotype) of Adam Brouwer, born ca. 1620 at Cologne (now within the borders of present day Germany) and died between 22 January 1692 and 21 March 1692 at Gowanus, Kings Co., New York (formerly within New Amsterdam in the Dutch possession of New Netherland.).


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Revision History:

April 8, 2010. Added research results negating a supplemental conjecture that Ashkenaz Jewish populations were the source of  Adam’s E-V13 haplogroup 

December 22, 2009 - Added pages “Adam’s DNA” and “Adam’s Haplogroup” Presents a conjecture that the source of Adam’s E-V13 Haplogroup was a Roman Auxiliary from the Balkans. 

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