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Designed to adapt to all makes of caravan and motor home, Stepsure comes with everything required for fitment. Once fitted, Stepsure is operated by a simple switch mounted inside the vehicle. It provides a firm and stable platform for easy entry and exit. Unlike steps placed on the ground, Stepsure is not subject to sinking into soft surfaces such as grass or gravel which are potentially hazardous.

    • Easy entry and exit
    • Firm, stable and safe - 160kgs maximum weight
    • Adaptable for all makes
    • Automatic retraction on start up
    • CE safety compliant
    • Guaranteed 2 years

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The curse of the caravan and

motor home owner.


Lack of ventilation, condensation and damp can have a destructive effect on your caravan and is costly to repair.

Circulaire is the perfect solution to this problem.

Circulaire is a revolutionary air circulation system that uses natural air occurrences to circulate fresh air throughout your caravan, without the need for any power source.

Circulaire gets to work, by using the “venturi effect” a natural effect where air is channelled into a small space, creating a vacuum sucking the offending damp air from the interior space of your caravan or motor home.

Guidelines in the GPG268 (energy efficient ventilation in dwelling – a guide to specifiers, Part of the building regulations part f- ventilation)

This document reports that “research has shown that a ventilation rate between 0.5 & 1.5 air change per hour for the whole dwelling will usually be sufficient to control condensation.

Circulaire is proven to provide a medium size caravan or motor home of 30m3 with a complete air change in 2hrs, even at minimum air speeds or wind direction. Circulaire does this without the need for a power source or user intervention, which means more money in your pocket and more time to spend enjoying your caravan or motor home.

• Designed and manufactured in the UK

• Reduces moisture and humidity levels

• No need for power source so no running costs

• Perfect for caravans in storage

• Trickle vent design allows for controllable ventilation

• Silent running

• Secure

• 400mm x 400mm internal size allows for retro fitting

• Easy clamp fitting system – no need to drill into the roof of your caravan

• Eliminates the need for dehumidifiers or silicone gel

• Low maintenance. No need for any special cleaning products

• 2 year guarantee

• Patented product

• 4.7 kg in weight

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Battery Activator will restore sulphated batteries and protect them, and new batteries, from further damage. It boosts the battery's own power and fires it back at high voltage. These short high energy pulses gradually break down hard lead sulphate crystals. Battery capacity is slowly restored. Other components are not affected.

* is permanently connected to the battery

* prevents formation of sulphate crystals that lead to damaged battteries

* breaks down and removes any sulphates already present.

£22.50 inc P&P