About Me

I am currently a research scientist at San Diego State University exploring population resilience as a function of landscape connectivity in Southern California with co-PI Megan Jennings.  Previously, I was (i) a postdoc at UC Berkeley working with Lara Kueppers to create mechanistic models of conifer species' distributions and abundances using data from a treeline warming experiment, (ii) a postdoc in the Applied Plant Ecology Division of the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research working on reserve design, (iii) a postdoc at UC Riverside working with Helen Regan to combine SDMs and population models to predict extinction risks due to climate change, altered fire regime, and urban growth in Southern California plants, and (iv) was a short-term postdoctoral fellow with the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science

I received my PhD from UC Berkeley in John Harte's lab. My dissertation focused on statistical spatial ecology. After my dissertation, I spent two years at  the Pesticide Research Institute working on applied conservation projects: a risk assessment for invasive plant management, an online tool for monitoring ecological risks of pesticide use, and a database of pesticide use and endangered species habitats. 

As a conservation biologist, I regularly engage in outreach. An article I adapted (Vijay et al. 2016) for the Environmental Science Journal for Kids received praise in Nature to celebrate Earth Day 2017!

                           Email: erin.conlisk (at) gmail (dot) com
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