Our peal of eight small bells was cast by the late Richard Bowditch of
North Wootton, Somerset and tuned and
hung by Matthew Higby in May/June 2004. They were originally hung in our house in Armitage, Staffordshire and were first rung on the evening of June 14th 2004 after Armitage practice night. In May 2008 we moved to Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire. The rehanging presented several problems (different width between the rafters, different roof pitch, etc.) which meant the first ring had to wait until September 28th 2008.

The bells are hung in the loft above the back bedroom. The ropes fall in a perfect circle of diameter 38” in the room below. As with many similar mini-rings, they have traditional wheels and pulleys but no stays or sliders. Unlike full-size bells there are no inscriptions on the surface of the bells. 

 Treble6 lb 3 oz5.75 in  7 lb 5 oz 6.5 in 
 2 6 lb 6 oz6 in   7 lb 8 oz6.5 in 
 3 6 lb 11 oz6 in   7 lb 5 oz6.75 in 
 4 6 lb 8 oz6 in  Tenor 10 lb 6 oz 7.5 in 

The bells and frame have been enclosed in a box which reduces the external sound levels whilst increasing the amount of sound in the ringing room. They are still just about audible outside the house and several peals and quarter peals have been rung on them. Click here for
Peals and quarter peals rung on the bells whilst at Armitage and here for peals and quarter peals rung on the bells whilst at Abbots Bromley.