We are a friendly team of volunteers who manage the ringing of the church bells at St Nicholas, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire. We ring for church services on Sunday mornings and also for weddings and we practice weekly on a Tuesday evening. We recruit and train new bellringers and we also maintain the bells and bell frame in good working order.
As a hobby, bellringing has a lot going for it, including:
  • Good for you - gentle exercise, or more energetic if you want to ring on the much heavier bells at Hoar Cross!
  • Challenging - need a good sense of rhythm rather than to be able to read music
  • Something a bit different
  • It's a team activity and so you get to meet lots of people
  • We visit other towers and so you get to visit lots of places both UK and even abroad
  • Get to see behind the scenes of the church
If you would like to know more about ringing, are a visitor and would like to join in one of our practice nights, or are interested in learning to ring, you'll be made very welcome.  Either find our phone number from the "Contacts" page, or just come along at 8pm on most Tuesday nights. Our ringing schedule is given on the "Calendar" page.