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Avail this opportunity to get your USA license right here in India.                                                                                                 


Currently US amateur radio exams are being held in: Brazil, Bahamas, Canada, Cuba, Ethiopia,Germany,Fiji, Great Britain(UK),Guam(USA), Honduras,India, Iran Italy, Japan,Laos, Marshall Island,Mexico ,Panama, Philippines,Thailand,Trinidad and Tobago,USA & Virgin Islands (USA).

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    LARC annual meet - 2018 session VE Team:  
   Download Official question pools: Technician    General    Amateur Extra                                                                    ARRL Video tour.
Exam Date & Time: 26-01-2018     05:30Pm
Exam Venue:         
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(Part 97 rule) Any one except a representative of a foreign government can become an amateur licensee in the USA,
There is no minimum age,educational or nationality requirement to take these tests in side or out side  the USA.


will be announced  after each element test session.Passed ones can progress to the next element if they desire so or will get

Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam.

Two weeks after the exam CSCE holders can find call sign/license in ULS database.

FCC “Paperless” Amateur Radio License Policy Goes into Effect on February 17, 2016

Exam Elements served:
Element 2 (Technician)
Element 3 (General)
Element 4 (Extra)

To get Technician License:This is the very basic class of license. Candidates have to appear for Element 2 and score 26 or more out of 35.
To get  General License: Candidates have to posses Technician class license or Valid CSCE for Element 2 credit or has to qualify Element 2 in that session, then he/she has to appear for Element 3 and score 26 or more out of 35.
To get  Amateur Extra License: Candidates have to posses General class license or Valid CSCE for Element 3 credit or has to qualify Element 3  in that session, then he/she has to appear for Element 4 and score 37 or more out of 50.
Requirements on test date:
1. Govt issued Photo ID and a copy of it.
2. Fee: $15 or Rs:1100/-
    (Valid for all the three exams in that session)
3. USA mailing address
4. FRN(FCC Registration Number)
 5One recent passport size photograph.
 6. Up-graders bring a copy of license.

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Current  active VEs in India :

Team Liaison: A.Suresh,AB9US(VU2IPL),

cell: 91 898 506 8899.