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SW Bootis

SW Bootis is a bright type ab RR Lyrae star with a period of just over half a day.  Discovered in 1914, studies over the succeeding decades suggested that SW Boo's period was changing, either in sudden jumps or with a smoothly increasing.  Taylor (1978) analyzed the earlier photographic observations as well as visual estimates by Marvin Baldwin and determined that the star's maxima varied in amplitude in a 12.997d cycle, indicative of the Blazhko effect. However, a later study by Sódor & Jurcsik (2005) did not detect these variations.

Additional information

A New Look at SW Bootis (Taylor, Peter, JAVSO)

Revision of the List of Galactic Field RRab Starts with Known Blazhko Periods (Sodor & Jurcsic, IBVS)
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