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Monster Black Hole Awakens After 26 Years

On 15 June 2015, a long-time acquaintance of X-ray and gamma ray astronomers made its comeback to the cosmic stage: V404 Cygni, a system comprising a black hole and a star orbiting one another. It is located in our Milky Way galaxy, almost 8000 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan.

In this type of binary system, material flows from the star towards the black hole and gathers in a disc, where it is heated up, shining brightly at optical, ultraviolet and X-ray wavelengths before spiralling into the black hole.

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Newly discovered nova shells around cataclysmic variables!

Evidence of nova shells found around the NL, V1315 Aql, the dwarf nova, V1363 Cyg and evidence of a light echo around the nova V2275 Cyg, which could indicate it is a recurrent nova.

By authors: D. I. Sahman, V. S. Dhillon, C. Knigge, T. R. Marsh

It’s all about the  standstills, those episodes where the star gets stuck at a mid-point between maximum and minimum. If it doesn’t exhibit standstills it isn’t a Z Cam star.

AM Her stars in need of further investigation

Data from Catalina Real Time Survey 
Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 87

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New outbursts and unusual activity reported in the last 72 hours

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