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Last updated 14:43 UT on 1 March 2024

(All objects mentioned in this section are in the International Variable Star Index; additionally, VSX links have been given for selected cataclysmic variables

'Activity at a Glance' is gleaned from observations reported to AAVSO MyNewsFlash, BAAVSS-Alert, CVnet-Outburst, VSObs-share and VSNET-outburst. We sincerely thank all the observers who contribute timely observations and reports of activity to these ema il lists.

New outbursts and unusual activity reported in the last 5 days



V342 Cen

VW Hyi

AA Oct

AO Oct

CN Ori

V1159 Ori

VW Tuc

1RXS J012750.5+380830


LX And



KU Cas

V359 Cen

V373 Cen

BF Eri

AW Gem

WX Hyi

PY Per

NY Ser

SY Vol

SSS 100511:061754-362655


IR Gem

X Leo

IK Leo #

TZ Per

# indicates a noteworthy or unusual activity

:  indicates confirmation required
* indicates time-resolved photometry required

CV News

AAVSO Alert Notice 853

Monitoring requested for AT 2000ch (LMi)

February 20, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 850

Exact HST schedule for SDSS J080449.49+161624.8 this week

February 13th, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 849

Bright nova in Sco: V1723 Sco (= N Sco 2024 = PNV J17261813-3809354)

February 13th, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 848

HST schedule set for SDSS J080449.49+161624.8

February 2nd, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 847

Monitoring requested for PSN J12355230+2755559 (Com)

January 23rd, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 845

HST schedule set for ASASSN-18dg

January 2, 2024

AAVSO Alert Notice 841

VY Scl coverage needed now for HST ToO observations

November 13, 2023

AAVSO Alert Notice 839

BF Eri monitoring requested in support of HST observations this week.

November 4, 2023

AAVSO Alert Notice 838

Monitoring requested for 11 dwarf novae in support of HST observations in 2023-2024

October 26, 2023

ATel 16107

Recurrent nova T CrB has just started its Pre-eruption Dip in March/April 2023, so the eruption should occur around 2024.4 +- 0.3

June 30, 2023

AAVSO Alert Notice 796

Monitoring requested for 12 dwarf novae in support of HST observations in 2022-2023

19 October, 2022

AAVSO Alert Notice 754

Monitoring requested for 15 VY Scl CVs in support of HST observations

14 September 2021

Recent Papers on CVs

For new papers on CVs see astro-ph

Updated 13 February, 2024

3D physical structure and angular expansion of the remnant of the recurrent nova T Pyx

E. Santamaría, J. A. Toalá, M. A. Guerrero, G. Ramos-Larios, L. Sabin

Discovery of a nova super-remnant cavity surrounding RS Ophiuchi

M. W. Healy-Kalesh, M. J. Darnley, E. J. Harvey, A. M. Newsam

Period bouncers as detached magnetic cataclysmic variables

Matthias R. Schreiber, Diogo Belloni, Jan van Roestel

A trio of month long flares in the nova-like variable V704 And

Gabriella Zsidi, , C. J. Nixon, , T. Naylor, , J. E. Pringle, and K. L. Page

The peculiar ejecta of Nova V1425 Aquilae

C. Tappert, L. Celedón, L. Schmidtobreick

TESS light curves of cataclysmic variables -- III -- More superhump systems among old novae and novalike variables

Albert Bruch

The recurrent nova T CrB had prior eruptions observed near December 1787 and October 1217 AD

Bradley E. Schaefer

Recurrent Symbiotic Nova T Coronae Borealis Before Outburst

N.A. Maslennikova, A.M. Tatarnikov, A.A. Tatarnikova, A.V. Dodin, V.I. Shenavrin, M.A. Burlak, S.G. Zheltoukhov, I.A. Strakhov

Symbiotic star T CrB as an extreme SU UMa type dwarf nova

Krystian I lkiewicz, Joanna Miko lajewska, and Kiril A. Stoyanov

A catalogue of cataclysmic variables from 20 years of the Sloan

Digital Sky Survey with new classifications, periods, trends and


Keith Inight, Boris T. Gänsicke, Elmé Breedt, Henry T. Israel, Stuart P. Littlefair,

Christopher J. Manser, Tom R. Marsh, Tim Mulvany, Anna Francesca Pala,

John R. Thorstensen

The B & V Light Curves for Recurrent Nova T CrB From 1842--2022, the Unique Pre- and Post-Eruption High-States, the Complex Period Changes, and the Upcoming Eruption in 2025.5±1.3

Bradley E. Schaefer

A magnetic valve at L1 revealed in TESS photometry of the asynchronous polar BY Cam

Paul A. Mason, Colin Littlefield, Lorena C. Monroy, John F. Morales, Pasi Hakala, Peter Garnavich, Paula Szkody, Mark R. Kennedy, Gavin Ramsay, Simone Scaringi

Testing the third body hypothesis in the Cataclysmic Variables LU Camelopardalis, QZSerpentis, V1007 Herculis and BK Lyncis

Carlos E. Chavez, Nikolaos Georgakarakos, Andres Aviles, Hector Aceves, Gagik Tovmassian, Sergey Zharikov, J. E. Perez-Leon, Francisco Tamayo

V392 Persei: a γ-ray bright nova eruption from a known dwarf nova

F. J. Murphy-Glaysher, M. J. Darnley, É. J. Harvey, A. M. Newsam, K. L. Page, S. Starrfield, R. M. Wagner, C. E. Woodward, D. M. Terndrup, S. Kafka, T. Arranz Heras, P. Berardi, E. Bertrand, R. Biernikowicz, C. Boussin, D. Boyd, Y. Buchet, M. Bundas, D. Coulter, D. Dejean, A. Diepvens, S. Dvorak, J. Edlin, T. Eenmae, H. Eggenstein, R. Fournier, O. Garde, J. Gout, D. Janzen, P. Jordanov, H. Kiiskinen, D. Lane, R. Larochelle, R. Leadbeater, D. Mankel, G. Martineau, I. Miller, R. Modic, J. Montier, M. Morales Aimar, E. Muyllaert, R. Naves Nogues, D. O'Keeffe, A. Oksanen, M. Pyatnytskyy, R. Rast, B. Rodgers, D. Rodriguez Perez, F. Schorr, E. Schwendeman, S. Shadick, S. Sharpe, F. Soldán Alfaro, T. Sove, G. Stone, T. Tordai, R. Venne, W. Vollmann, M. Vrastak, K. Wenzel

CV artwork courtesy Darren Baskill