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Rod says, “I know we are in the era of so many robotic surveys covering the sky but there is still plenty of work for visual observers. Instead of wondering what to do, make up our own projects on variable stars."

Cataclysmic Variables from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey

Authors: A.J. Drake, B.T. Gaensicke, S.G. Djorgovski, P. Wils, A.A. Mahabal, M.J. Graham, T-C. Yang, R. Williams, M. Catelan, J.L. Prieto,C. Donalek, S. Larson, E. Christensen

We present 855 cataclysmic variable candidates detected by the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS) of which at least 137 have been spectroscopically confirmed and 705 are new discoveries. The sources were identified from the analysis of five years of data, and come from an area covering three quarters of the sky. We study the amplitude distribution of the dwarf novae CVs discovered by CRTS during outburst, and find that in quiescence they are typically two magnitudes fainter compared to the spectroscopic CV sample identified by SDSS. However, almost all CRTS CVs in the SDSS footprint have ugriz photometry. We analyse the spatial distribution of the CVs and find evidence that many of the systems lie at scale heights beyond those expected for a Galactic thin disc population. We compare the outburst rates of newly discovered CRTS CVs with the previously known CV population, and find no evidence for a difference between them. However, we find that significant evidence for a systematic difference in orbital period distribution. We discuss the CVs found below the orbital period minimum and argue that many more are yet to be identified among the full CRTS CV sample. We cross-match the CVs with archival X-ray catalogs and find that most of the systems are dwarf novae rather than magnetic CVs.

Data from Catalina Real Time Survey 
Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 87

Northern CVs brighter than 17th magnitude here.

Southern CV's brighter than 17th magnitude here.

The Z CamPaign

It’s all about the  standstills, those episodes where the star gets stuck at a mid-point between maximum and minimum. If it doesn’t exhibit standstills it isn’t a Z Cam star.

Important to gather detailed long-term light curves for the majority of these systems to better understand their nature. 

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New outbursts and unusual activity reported in the last 72 hours 

Last updated 13:37 UT April 19, 2014


OQ Car
AD Men
HP Nor
VZ Pyx

HW Boo
CN Ori
NSV 1436

SY Cnc
V803 Cen
Z Cha
AB Dra

RU Peg

* indicates an unconfirmed outburst 
# indicates a noteworthy or unusual outburst

'Activity At A Glance' is gleaned from observations reported to AAVSO MyNewsFlash, BAAVSS-Alert, CVnet-Outburst, VSObs-share and VSNET-outburst. We sincerely thank all the observers who contribute timely observations and reports of activity to these email lists.

AM Her stars in need of further investigation


For new papers on CV's see astro-ph

A.J. Drake, B.T. Gaensicke, S.G. Djorgovski, P. Wils, A.A. Mahabal, M.J. Graham, T-C. Yang, R. Williams, M. Catelan, J.L. Prieto,C. Donalek, S. Larson, E. Christensen

Albert Bruch

Authors: Rod Stubbings, Mike Simonsen

GALEX J194419.33+491257.0: An Unusually Active SU UMa-Type Dwarf Nova with a Very Short Orbital Period in the Kepler Data
Authors: Taichi Kato (Kyoto U.), Yoji Osaki (U. of Tokyo)

Authors: Tomohito Ohshima, Taichi Kato, Elena Pavlenko, Hidehiko Akazawa, Kazuyoshi Imamura, Kenji Tanabe, Enrique de Miguel, William Stein, Hiroshi Itoh, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Pavol A. Dubovsky, Igor Kudzej, Thomas Krajci, Alex Baklanov, Denis Samsonov, Oksana Antonyuk, Viktor Malanushenko, Maksim Andreev, Ryo Noguchi, Kazuyuki Ogura, Takashi Nomoto, Rikako Ono, Shin'ichi Nakagawa, Keisuke Taniuchi, Tomoya Aoki, Miho Kawabata, Hitoshi Kimura, Kazunari Masumoto, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Katsura Matsumoto, Kazuhiko Shiokawa, Sergey Yu. Shugarov, Natalia Katysheva, Irina Voloshina, Polina Zemko, Kiyoshi Kasai, Javier Ruiz, Hiroyuki Maehara, Natalia Virnina, Jani Virtanen, Ian Miller, Boyd Boitnott, Colin Littlefield, Nick James, Tamas Tordai, Fidrich Robaert, Stefono Padovan, Atsushi Miyashita

Authors: Mike Simonsen, David Boyd, Bill Goff, Tom Krajci, Kenneth Menzies, Sebastian Otero, Stefano Padovan, Gary Poyner, James Roe, Richard Sabo, George Sjoberg, Bart Staels, Rod Stubbings, John Toone, Patrick Wils

Authors: Mike Simonsen, Terry Bohlsen, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Rod Stubbings