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AAVSO Alert Notice 659

KQ Monocerotis being observed with the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO)

25 January 2019: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 652, Dr. Koji Mukai (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) informs us that KQ Mon, one of the novalike variables in his target list, will be observed with Chandra on 2019 January 29 20:18 UT – January 30 00:28 UT.

Knowing the status of the target is essential for interpreting the X-ray data. Dr. Mukai thanks observers for the observations they have already made of KQ Mon, and asks if more observations (a snapshot every one to two nights) could be made between now and February 9. V filter is optimal. Visual observations are welcome. The visual range of KQ Mon is 12.5–13.7.

As Dr. Mukai wrote in Alert Notice 652, "We think we know how dwarf novae behave in X-rays, through various campaigns (famously that one on SS Cyg in outburst that Janet Mattei [and AAVSO observers] was heavily involved in, with Pete Wheatley and Chris Mauche, 2003MNRAS.345...49W): they are X-ray bright in optical quiescence, and fainter and softer in X-rays during outburst. In the optical, we think of nova-likes as systems in permanent outburst – but in X-rays, they don’t quite resemble dwarf novae in outburst. In fact, we haven’t seen a clear pattern, when we made X-ray observations of nova-like systems at various optical magnitudes. This Chandra program is part of an effort to look for patterns and to understand their X-ray emission."

Observers are reminded that occasional snapshots (again, V is preferred) are also needed of the remaining targets on the list given in Alert Notice 652 (1SWASP J022916.91-395901.4, LQ Peg, UU Aqr; V378 Peg and EC 21178-5417 have already been observed). Please see that Alert Notice for information on coordinates and magnitude ranges.

Coordinates (2000) of KQ Mon:  RA 07 31 21.13   Dec. -10 21 49.4

Charts with comparison star sequences for KQ Mon may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP).

Please submit observations to the AAVSO International Database using the name KQ Mon.

AAVSO Forums: This campaign is the topic of the AAVSO Campaigns and Observation Reports forum thread and the Cataclysmic Variables forum thread

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.

The Z CamPaign

It’s all about the  standstills, those episodes where the star gets stuck at a mid-point between maximum and minimum. If it doesn’t exhibit standstills it isn’t a Z Cam star.

Data from Catalina Real Time Survey 

Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 87

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New outbursts and unusual activity reported in the last 72 hours


SDSS J033449.86-071047.8

KV And
BY Aur
FS Aur
CR Boo
AK Cnc
V872 Per
NSV 14581

V386 Ser # (rebrightening, see also 'Current superoutbursts' below)
NSV 1440 # (AM CVn type, superoutburst)

Current superoutbursts (since ...)
NSV 1440 # (20190216, AM CVn type)
YZ Cnc (20190211)
V1504 Cyg (20190211)
RX Cha (20190210)
NSV 35 (20190210)
HV Aur (20190209)
PU UMa # (20190209; eclipsing, Porb= 0.07788054 d (112.14798 min))
RZ LMi (20190204, ER UMa subtype)
CRTS J063437.9+412047 (20190204)
AR Pic (20190202)
V611 Her (20190201)
ASASSN-19by (20190201, superhump period 0.07124(8) d)
ASASSN-19bz (20190201, superhump period 0.07215(13) d)
V1195 Oph (20190131)
SDSS J073208.11+413008.7 (20190131)
AY Lyr (20190128)
PV Per (20190128)
MM Hya (20190126)
NSV 5031 (20190125)
NSVS 708833 = 1RXS J072816.3+751559 # (20190125; 'new' SU UMa-type dwarf nova)
BB Ari (20190122)
V386 Ser # (20190118; UGWZ, 10.4 mag, first ever recorded outburst, Psh= 0.0582(20) d)
CRTS J232716.3+413149 (20190118, Psh= 
0.0613(8) d)
FO And (20190116)

Z Cam-type dwarf novae at standstill
HL CMa (since 20180514)
TZ Per (20171226 – <20180623)
IW And (~20171219 – <20180515)
NY Ser # (~20180529–20180709; UGSU; spectroscopy is required)
AT Cnc (20180202–20180508)
HL CMa (20171221–20180426) 
NY Ser # (~20180120–20180317, ~56 days; UGSU)
Z Cam (20170405–20171207, 246 days)
IW And (20170812–20170831, 19 days)
OQ Car (20160415–20170826, 498 days)

# indicates a noteworthy or unusual outburst
:  indicates confirmation required
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Updated 17 January 2019

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