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T CrB currently bright

Is a nova eruption imminent?

1700 day AAVSO light curve

Although some observers are getting excited about the recent bright state of T CrB, this is actually well explained in Munari et al. 2016, New Astronomy 47, 7.

So, is T CrB ready to erupt again soon? Probably not, according to Munari et al. 

The last paragraph of the paper says, "There is an intriguing parallelism between SACT-2015 and what Hachenberg & Wellmann (1939) observed in 1938. The super-active state they caught occurred ∼70 years past the 1866 nova outburst, and SACT-2015 is occurring ∼70 years past the 1946 nova outburst. Is therefore everything in place for a new nova outburst in 2026, again ∼80 years past the last eruption?"

We may be getting closer to the next big event, and due to the unpredictable nature of recurrent novae T CrB certainly deserves vigilant monitoring in the coming years.

It’s all about the  standstills, those episodes where the star gets stuck at a mid-point between maximum and minimum. If it doesn’t exhibit standstills it isn’t a Z Cam star.

AM Her stars in need of further investigation

Data from Catalina Real Time Survey 
Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 87

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