Press Coverage

Coverage of research (led by Aaron Sell) demonstrating that physical strength explains the majority of variance in men's bodily attractiveness:

-Washington Post:

-The Guardian:


Coverage of research (with Zach Simmons, Cameron Anderson, & Jim Roney) on the role of physical formidability in human social status allocation:

-Wall Street Journal (video):

-Interview w/

-Huffington Post:

-Financial Times:

-The Telegraph:

-Men's Fitness:

Coverage of research (with Christina Larson, Kelly Gildersleeve, Jim Roney, & Martie Haselton) on the causes of individual differences in mating strategies and sexual behavior:

-Psychology Today:

Coverage of my research (with Jim Roney) on the target-specificity of mate preferences for personality traits:


Coverage of my research (with Jim Roney) on the origins of individual differences in extraversion:

-Men's Health:

-Psychology Today:


-New Scientist Magazine:

Coverage of our research (with Jim Roney and Zach Simmons) on hormonal substrates of men's courtship displays:

-APA Monitor on Psychology: