Original artwork Vincent van Gogh's Field with Poppies, digital re-rendering by Kelley A Crews
The Mission and Activities of the Landscape Specialty Group—
The LSG's mission is to enhance collaboration, communication, and exchange of ideas among scholars, educators, and practitioners from diverse specializations in geography and other disciplines who share a common interest in landscape as a theoretical tool, conceptual point of view, or methodological approach. 

While our membership represents a diversity of interests and affinities in other groups of the AAG we see the LSG as a meeting ground where landscape can be enriched by this diversity and exchange of ideas from multiple points of view and specialized knowledges. We overtly recognize the strengths of cross- and multidisciplinary approaches in geography, yet it is often difficult to establish communication across those disciplinary lines. Landscape, central to geography, can be the unifying theme that brings apparently antithetical points of view together to create new and exciting ideas.

Given the landscape tradition and the purpose of the group, the LSG we will encourage creative activities to develop and push the boundaries of landscape thinking and practice, sponsor meetings and paper sessions, discuss new books and articles in the field, and recognize work that exemplifies the landscape approach through competitions and awards.

AAG Meeting in New Orleans, April 10-14, 2018
We are looking forward to member organized sessions, field trips, and contributions to our ongoing discussion of landscape through paper, poster, and panel presentations throughout the meeting. Please consider including the Landscape Specialty Group as a sponsor for your session. To confirm sponsorship, please email our program director, Dr. Kunwar Singh (kksingh 'at' ncsu 'dot' edu).

It's easy to be a member of LSG!
Dues are only $10 for regular membership, and FREE for students and the members from developing regions. If you have not already done so, please update your membership to include the LSG by contacting AAG Membership Director Michelle Ledoux (mledoux at aag .org) or include us in your specialty group choices when renewing your AAG membership. 


Gang Chen, LSG Chair