Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History!

Hello Students and Parents!

During this class, students will gain an overview of early US History, beginning with Native Americans interacting with the first English settlements and continuing through the Reconstruction after the Civil War, followed by the Industrial Revolution.

We will examine primary sources and compare competing accounts of the same events. We will study the relationships our Founding Fathers had with one another, foreign countries, and the leaders with whom our leaders interacted. We will journey through the trials of starting a new nation, the early American wars that ensued, and the achievements of men and women along the way. Our investigations will finally take us into the Civil War, ending with the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War and then the Industrial Revolution.

Hopefully, students will emerge from this year with a foundational understanding of early US History, the ability to ask insightful questions and continually apply their skills toward formulating answers to those questions. We also seek to develop in your child a curiosity that drives them to build upon this knowledge throughout their lives.

Please see below for a peek into my classroom. Also, feel free to poke around this site for evidence of the types of things we will be learning and doing in Social Studies this year.

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Devin Page

Here is my parent letter in brochure format...

Three Branches of Government

When the Founding Fathers created the Constitution, they fashioned the system that is still in place today. See this YouTube video below as my daughter and I illustrate and explain the three branches of government:

Pre-Civil War

Leading up to the Civil War, the issue of slavery was far from resolved as territories applied for statehood. During U.S. expansion westward, these tensions came to a head during a time known as Bleeding Kansas (1854 - 1861). Watch as 8th grade students help Mr. Page explain and re-enact some of the events of this time period!

(created by: Mr. Page with the help of 2014 - 2015 8th graders

published on Mr. Page's NMSBobcat YouTube channel)

Featuring NMS's Civil War Soldiers:

Civil War Confederate Soldier - 2
Civil War Confederate Soldier - 4

March 6, 2014 - We had a special visitor at NMS: George Washington came to re-enact the Constitutional Convention

Students' Roles: To prepare, all students researched a chosen delegate and wrote quotes (in their own words) as if they were their representatives. Each learner came with a note card, ready to participate in the debate. The challenge? Students had to play the part of their delegate. They had to speak in character and use the vocabulary their representative would have used.

The results: Each class did a fantastic job! After awhile many students even set aside their notecards and adlibbed the issues of the Convention. It was amazing to hear them accurately debating the topics of the times. Some discussion points in Philadelphia, 1787: Will states get fair treatment with a stronger federal government? Should Congress be chosen with representatives based on state population? Should each state get equal representation in Congress no matter the size? Is it possible for power to be shared between large and small states, southern states and northern states? Finally, how best to achieve compromise?