How Do I Get Started?

All Lease-An-Animal projects must be reviewed by the Extension Office and applicants are accepted on a first come-first signed up basis.  By following these steps you will complete the application process to become a Lease-An-Animal member.

1) Fill out an application form.  Make sure that parental contact information is on the form.  Application form can be downloaded, see the bottom of this page.  Applications are accepted from Oct. 1- Jan. 1.

2) Send  your application into the Boulder County Extension Office.  Address your application to:
                       attn. Lisa Wallace
                        Boulder County Extension
                        9595 Nelson Rd, Box B
                        Longmont, CO 80501

3) The extension office will stamp your application with the date and time of receipt.  The Extension office will send your application to you and to the Barn Managers once they have verified that you are correctly enrolled in a club.  Every attempt will be made to sign you up with the animal of your choice, however, animals are limited and you may need to take your second or third choice.  Some animals (like goats) will have babies in the spring, so they may have extra animals and may put you on a waiting list for baby animals.

4)  If you are not already a member of a 4-H club, then you will need to find a club to join.  The list of clubs can be found here:

Some families choose a 4-H club by the projects that the club specializes in, some families choose a 4-H club by the location and dates of the meetings, and some families choose a 4-H club by the ages of the other club members.  You are encouraged to call the Club Leaders to find out about different clubs and find one that best fits your family.  Once your decision is made you will need to sign up with 4-H through 4-H online:

Information on signing up is here:

Then go to 4-H online here:

You will need to sign up for a project.  

  • If your project is Lease-A-Goat you will need to sign up for the "Goat, Fiber Member".
If you have not yet been contacted by the Barn Manager or Extension Office so that you know which type of animal you will have, then you can sign up for any other project.  This is a good time to check out all of the projects available through 4-H!  The Barn Manager will not receive your application for the program until your Club Leader has submitted all of your paper work to the Extension Office, so check with your Club leader if you do not hear from the Barn Manager.

5) The Barn Manager will contact you when your application has been accepted and will give you a time to come to the barn, meet your leased animal and sign your lease!  

6) Once you have signed your lease with the barn manager and paid the lease fee ($5) to the Barn Manager, you will need to get your  4-H Club Leader's signature and then turn it into the Extension Office.  A scanned copy of the final lease will be sent to you. The signed lease will be keep on file at the Extension office.

Sue Struthers,
Sep 9, 2016, 3:55 PM
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Sue Struthers,
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