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Quick Bible (Android)

About Quick Bible
The Quick Bible app is an open source (free) scripture application for Android devices. You can quickly browse to a specific scripture verse, perform powerful searches of one or more words in any verse, view two versions of scripture in parallel, and add notes and highlighting to the scriptures.

Scripture display (split)      Search    Verse Selection
   Scripture text (split)      Search                        Book/verse selection

Instructions for Installing Quick Bible on Android

1. Get a Scripture document
   On your mobile device, open this page in a Web browser (i.e. Chrome).
   If you are using Chrome, the file will be saved to the Downloads folder.

2. Get the Quick Bible App

   After installing, open Quick Bible on your device.

3. Add Scripture Book to Quick Bible
   In the Quick Bible app, click the "KJV" link at the upper right, then click "Other Versions" to install another book.
4. Click the "+" sign in the upper right, and "From local storage".
5. Choose the storage location where you put the  .yes  file and click the file name (such as Downloads).
6. Then you can choose "Three-in-One (RSE)" or another book to view in Quick Bible.

Quick Bible Documents
(with Lectures of Faith)
Individual Books
Inspired Version
Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants

Lectures of Faith