General - past work

It can be hard to capture virtual interactions - they go by quickly.   Thus I have taped many of my course interactions while they were happening and integrated them into videos and presentations.   Unless otherwise noted, the links below are to my work with science-education teachers; with middle school students; with general graduate students.  (I have created a master Operations Doc, that integrates these and more materials; please email me for a copy -

Title & clickable link


Description of Virtual Reality (VR) applications, video, and presentations

VP course overview


Overview of Virtual Practicum (VP) course

View VR creations / development ideas


Simulations & uses created by students sp 2014; explains VP course too

Designing complex VR apps


A document that describes all aspects of designing a complex virtual

Planning VR healthcare/K12 apps


Explains the education theories behind a K12 VR STEM application

Repurposing islands to make VR


Using available objects & open-sim islands for rapid development

Middle-school VR project - science


Reviews a virtual island being created for middle-school STEM project

Middle school student projects in VR


Research on middle school work in VR on STEM topic; students present too

Plans for sabbatical w/ VR & STEM


Conceptual planning for healthcare application using a VR mobile van

Faculty member preparing for a presentation


Faculty member will come later to meet students / prepping

Student VR project – Zippo


VR of plant floor created by ESC student

History of VR & new features


Highlights the development of VR & current advances

VR & K12 / teacher education


Teacher ed. & K12 at ESC; video from actual work & presentations

Poster session & votes in VR


Science-ed students present posters in VR; faculty visit & peers vote

MALET & use of VR


Conceptual overview of VR uses in new emerging-tech program

Video view & discuss w/in VR


Students observe & discuss video in VR / “loop” into discussion board

VR overview & business apps


Presentation (done in VR) about future applications – Hypergrid Business

Overview of VR in grad school


Presentation on VR in education

Overview of VR in K12 & grad


Presentation of K12 & graduate uses of VR / differences considered

Research on VR & project development


Presentation on research published about STEM collaborations in VR