A package for CTF determination and correction in electron cryotomography

J.J. Fernández (1,2), S. Li (1,3), R.A. Crowther (1)

(1)  MRC Laboratory of Molecular BiologyCambridge CB2 2QH, UK.
(2) Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC, Madrid, Spain. (present address)
(3) Dept. Biochemistry and Biophysics. UCSF. USA. (present address)

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This package implements a method for CTF determination and correction in electron tomography. The approach to CTF detection and defocus determination is based on strip-based periodogram averaging, extended throughout the tilt series to overcome the low contrast conditions found in cryoET, together with a spline-based strategy for background subtraction. The method of CTF correction deals with the defocus gradient in images of tilted specimens by decomposing the global restoration problem into multiple local spatially-invariant problems.

A detailed description of the procedures implemented in the package are in the following article:

CTF determination and correction in electron cryotomography
J.J. Fernandez, S. Li, R.A. Crowther
Ultramicroscopy 106:587-596, 2006.

Please, cite this article if you use TOMOCTF in your works.

Current version: July 2013

Available material:
  • Documentation in PDF:  tomoctf.pdf

  • Binaries for 64bits x86-based platforms under linux

  • Binaries for Intel-based Macs under OSX (10.6 and onwards)

The development of tomoctf has been supported by the Spanish MEC and MCI, J.Andalucia, Human Frontier Science Program, European Molecular Biology Organization and the 3DEM Network of Excellence.

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