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3. Resupply

(Original image courtesy of The National Archives)
          Resupply was arranged as the country was known to be difficult
for food, and in order to provide more explosive and thereby lengthen the
potential operational period.   Signals were sent to the various parties,
advising them of the date and place of the drops shown in the table below.
Party   date     D.Z.           load       height             Comments
  A    24/25    Q 413309   15 containers   600 ft.   No lights observed but
                                                     drop made.
  B    24/25    Q 669431   15 containers  1000 ft.   1 torch flashed U.
                                                     Seen by A/C.
    i  24/25)                            (  --       i.  D.Z. not located)No
  C1        )   Q 646131   15 containers (                               )drop
    ii 25/26)                            (  --       ii. 10/10 cloud     )made
    i  24/25)                            (  --       i.  D.Z. not located
  C2        )   Q 570055   15 containers (
    ii 25/26)                            (3500 ft.   ii. No lights observed
                                                         but drop made.
          Resupply which appears to have been successful for B1, failed to
work for parties A and C1 because their wireless sets had broken during the drop and the signals were never received.     The containers were dropped
blind to these parties.   Weather conditions prevented the D.Z. for C2
from being identified.