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2. Dropping

(Original image courtesy of The National Archives)
          All parties left Keevil aerodrome by Stirling on the night
15/16th September.   A, B and C parties dropped.   D party returned
because fog prevented recognition of the D.Z.   Five more attempts, of
which three became airborne were made to drop D. but all were unsuccessful.

        Planned   Actual            Height
Party    D.Z.      D.Z.     Error     in                Comments
  A    Q 288485  Q 284485
                            1 mile    500    1 torch flashing seen by A/C.
                 Q 299471                    Stick broke in two.
                                             Enemy on D.Z.
  B    Q 650445  Q 7233     7 miles   800    Dropped at Stick Comdr's
                                             discretion through cloud.
                                             Stick broke in prearranged
  C    Q 595235  Q 415418   15 miles  800    Panniers not dropped by A/C
                                             as arranged to ground signals.
                                             Stick very scattered.
  D    V 695320     --         --      --    Between 12th and 17th Sept
                                             5 attempts were made to mount
                                             this operation.   Unfavourable
                                             weather reports only permitted
                                             3 flights, and these were
                                             unsuccessful as ground fog and
                                             cloud conditions made it
                                             impossible to recognise the
                                             D.Z., especially as the A/C
                                             were flying sufficiently high
                                             to negotiate the summits of
                                             the Vosges Range.