1st Illinois Battalion 

The 1st Illinois Battalion began October 2000 after the idea was brought forward by Rick Keating, Captain of the 104th IL to the rest of the reenacting units in the northern half of Illinois.  At the event in Minooka, IL at the Dollinger Farm, the company commanders of 5 different organizations agreed that they would accept Keating to the position of Colonel and over-all command at all events.  The Headquarters of the Battalion would have authority of setting encampments, conducting drill and command of the Unions infantry soldiers on the battlefield scenarios.  The 1st Illinois Battalion traveled to National Events as one command and Colonel Keating was accepted as its commander by those event Generals headquarters.


 1st Illinois Battalion
Advancing on the enemy!
Dress Parade
Colonel Gerry Morin 
Commander - Colonel Gerry Morin -
Major - Todd Huston
Adjutant - 1st Lt Steve Curtis
Sergeant Major - SgtMaj Della Vedova
Chief Bugler - RJ Samp -
Principal Musician - Steve Smunt -
 For safety and historical reasons, there are no independent infantry forces making commands which disagree with the over-all orders of battle. 
 Chief Bugler RJ Samp
 1st Illinois Battalion camp
10th IL Inf. - Captain G. Bliss -
36th IL Inf. - 2nd Sgt.  Mark Krausz -
45th IL Inf. - Captain G. Morin - 
64th IL Inf. - Captain S. Gutske - 
104th IL Inf. - Captain P. Skalak - 
1st Michigan Engineers - Captain  Daniel McCarthy -
Mississippi Fife and Drum Field Band
U.S.29TH Infantry Company "B"






48th IL 
U.S. Navy Landling Party
Past Battalion Commanders
Colonel Rick Keating
Major Dave Dellinger
Colonel Bob Winter
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