Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Top 10 Reasons To Attend The IHS Class of 72 - 45 Year Reunion

Reason #10 - It will be just like a high school party, but now you can drink legally!  That's right. You won't have to pay $5.00 to some bum that's hangin in front of Home Liquors to buy you liquor! You won’t have to drink that dusty old bottle of Peach Schnapps from the back of your parents’ liquor cabinet. There's a 4 hour open bar at the reunion with all the liquor you could want!

Reason #9 - You won’t see most of these people again for another 5 or 10 years. So if the night all goes to shit, who cares! It’s not like you have to sit next to them in history class the next morning. Just don’t try and hook up with someone's husband or wife. That might follow you into the future.

Reason #8 - You don't have to lie about your age. We are all in the same boat. Although that boat may have taken on a little water over the past years, at a reunion, everyone shows up knowing that they are older but leaves feeling a bit younger.

Reason #7 - There’s something about having gone to Irvington High School that makes our reunions so unique. It doesn’t take too long to realize the special bond we all have. It’s like getting in touch with your roots or coming back home (without actually having to drive through Irvington!). There’s nothing else like it.

Reason #6 - Share some of your favorite Irvington (high school and grammar school) memories with some of your oldest the first time you got mugged, when your bike got stolen right in front of your house or the first time YOU mugged someone or jacked THEIR bike! Oh yea! Good times! Good times!

Reason #5 - It's a good excuse to stay up past 9:00pm!

Reason #4 - Our reunion is a great opportunity for networking if you're looking for a new career or trying to cultivate some fresh business contacts....especially if you're a psychiatrist, a plastic surgeon, you deal in joint replacements, hair restoration or you are a bail bondsman!

Reason #3 - You think reality TV is entertaining? Someone is going to do something embarrassing. I guarantee it. Don’t you want to see it live before it goes viral on YouTube?

Reason #2 - We get to listen to some of our favorite music from back in the day.... surrounded by other people who love it just as much as we do. Besides, there's nothing better than watching white people in their early sixties "shake their groove thing"!

And the #1 reason to attend the IHS Class of 72 - 45 Year Reunion is....

Cuz if you don’t show up, we’re all gonna talk about you!