Classmates M.I.A. (41)

Please help us in our team campaign to locate and contact these missing classmates. Please enter any contact information that you may have along with any other info that you think might help us locate that person in the MIA Submission Form below. We need everyone's help in finding and letting these classmates know about our reunion.
Balkun, Marian
Brant, Kathleen Elizabeth
Brennan, Sanford Paul
Brookins, Elmer Charles
Budny, Eva Christina
Cocuzza, Bonita Joanne
Crosby, Rose
Defede, Maria Antoinette
Dougherty, Denise
Dubej, Michael John
Gabriel, Stephen
Gallagher, Debra Jean
Gawienowski, Marianne
Gayer, Arlene Joan
Giameo, Rosanita Diane
Gonzalez, Jose Antonio
Hunter, Lynne
Kuziw, Maria
LaRegina, Sandray
McRae, Norma Jean
Mejia, Maria Eugenia
Miller, Grace Jacqueline
Mirabal, Mercedes 
Orichowski, Antonia
Palenycky, Linda
Pepper, Nancy Ann
Peppers, Lawrence B
Pisocki, Maria
Podejko, Linda
Rudnickas, Teresa Ann
Smith Reuben Leon
Smith, Shirley Nee
Stanko, Theresa
Stone, Sonya Eve
Tilley, Sharon Ann
Tylko, Semena
Wells, Donna
Weres, Lucia
Whitmeyer, Karen
Wong, John
Zakorczemnyj, Olga