Our reproduction heel pads look and feel like the originals.  
We have black in stock at all times. 
If you want a color to match the carpet we have to have them dyed. 
Below is a sample of a after market heel pad most trim shops install.
On the right is ours that has been dyed Turquoise. 

      We use only 80/20 loop carpet 1961-1963 

   Link to 80/20 Loop Carpet 
      Link to 80/20 loop Carpet 
Link to Cut Pile Carpet

Link to Cut Pile Carpet

Link to Cut Pile Carpet 

We use only ACC carpet to build our sets 

 Call  Jim 727-525-5523

1950's-1969 floor carpet are cut and sewn 

I can order some molded floor carpets in mid to late 1960's.
But no way to sew on an original heel pad with out the car

1966-67 black

Our Carpet Sets come with:

Floor carpet front and rear
Padding glued to back side of floor carpet
Heel pad sewn in as original
Kick panels mounted to boards and bound
Door carpet bound
Rear seat carpet
Front seat frame carpet 
Carpet edge surged from factory have been reproduced
Installation tip sheet