(This is based on the information that VW provide with their cruise control retrofit kit.)

Note: This only applies to Passat B6 and CC up to 31/10/2009

See bottom of page for post 31/10/2009 models.

Disconnect negative lead from battery.

Remove air bag from steering wheel.

Remove steering wheel.

Remove steering column trim.

Steering column control unit.

This is under the steering column (arrow)

Unscrew the screw from the steering column electronics control unit.

Unlock the locking latch and pull plug from the steering column electronics control unit.

Unlock the locking latch and pull the plugs from the steering column electronics control unit.

Unlock the latch (arrows) on the right side of the Steering column electronics control unit.

Unlock the latch (arrow) on the left side of the Steering column electronics control unit.

Carefully pull the steering column electronics control unit downwards and off.

Unlock plug connector 1 by pulling latch L1 and pull plug 1 from the control unit.

Unlock plug connector 2 by pulling latch L2 and pull plug 2 from the control unit.

At this point check the 20 pin steering column electronics control unit connector to make sure it has a pin and wire at position 16.

Connector -T20d – Pin allocation.

1 - Ignition key withdrawal lock

2 - Immobiliser reading unit

3 - Convenience CAN bus, low

4 - Convenience CAN bus, high

5 - Powertrain CAN, screening

6 - Powertrain CAN, low

7 - Powertrain CAN, high

8 - Earth

9 - Power supply to control unit for steering column electronics

10-Terminal 50

11-Terminal P

12-Terminal S

13-Terminal 15

14-Not assigned

15-Not assigned

16-Cruise control system, out


18-Power supply to control unit for steering column electronics (terminal 30)

19-Not assigned

20-Not assigned

Some early Passats may not have pin 16 and its wire fitted. In this case a repair wire will have to be run from pin 16 to pin XX on the engine ecu plug.

XX pin depends on engine, as shown below;

Air bag coil connector.

Slightly lift up both locking tabs -arrows- on airbag coil connector and return ring with slip ring and pull airbag coil connector and return ring with slip ring off steering column.

Make sure the coiled spring is located in the middle position and is not rotated.

Steering angle sender.

Release locking device (arrows) and pull segment sender for steering angle sender off steering column switch unit.

Steering column combination switch.

Remove both bolts (arrows) from top side of steering column combination switch.

Pull steering column combination switch backwards from steering column.


Fit the new components to the steering column in reverse order.

New combination switch with cruise control switch – two bolts.

Air bag coil connector.

Make sure the coiled spring is located in the middle position and is not rotated.

Segment sender for steering angle sender.

Make sure it engages correctly.

Steering column control unit. – single bolt.

Ensure all connectors are clicked gently into place. The pins on the steering column control unit are easily damaged.

Replace steering column trim.

Replace steering wheel.

Refit air bag to steering wheel.

Switch on ignition and replace negative battery terminal.

Activating Cruise control system.

You need VCDS or similar to do this.

On all cars, the engine ecu must be coded to activate cruise control system.


Go to 01 Engine electronics.

Look for the coding similar to “2.0 R4 0000SG 2124”

If you see 0000SG, the ecu is not coded for cruise control.

If you see G000SG, the ecu is already coded for cruise control.

Assuming you see 0000SG, the ecu will need recoding.

To do this,

Select function 11

Enter the code 11463

Click “Do It”

Exit the coding screen and then go back in again to engine 01.

Check that the code now includes G000SG.

The engine ecu is now coded for cruise control.

Next the steering module must be coded.

The coding is a 7 digit code e.g. 0000000. The code bits read 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

There are TWO possible coding routes for the Passat depending on manufacture year and car specification.

Control module software version up to 0101.

6th bit (far left) is always ZERO (0)

5th bit is Special Vehicles. 0 = Normal vehicle

4th bit is Transmission type. 0 = manual, 1 = automatic.

3rd bit is Steering wheel type.

0 = Not multifunction.

1 = 3 spoke wheel, not multifunction.

2 = 3/4 spoke wheel, with multifunction, NO cruise control & voice control.

3 = 3/4 spoke wheel, with multifunction, with cruise control & voice control.

2nd bit is Additional equipment. 0 = none, 1 = tiptronic shift paddles.

1st bit is cruise control. 0 = No cruise control & No board computer.

1 = No cruise control with board computer.

2 = Cruise control & No board computer.

3 = Cruise control with board computer.

0 bit is Rear wiper 1 = No rear wiper.

2 = Rear wiper installed.

So a code of 0000022 means the car has Rear wiper, cruise control without board computer, no tiptronic, basic non multifunction steering wheel, manual transmission and is not a special purpose vehicle.

Control module software version up to 0110 or higher.

6th bit (far left) is always Zero (0).

5th bit is Driver Assistance Systems. 0 = Driver Assistance System (DAS) not installed

0 = Message for DAS active without button

1 = Message for DAS inactive without button

2 = Message for DAS active with button

3 = Message for DAS inactive with button

4th bit is Special Vehicles. 0 = Normal vehicle.

3rd bit is Transmission type. 0 = Manual, 1 = Automatic.

2nd bit is Steering wheel type. 0 = Multi Function Steering Wheel (MFSW) NOT fitted.

5 = MFSW without Tiptronic, without Push To Talk (PTT)

6 = MFSWwith Tiptronic, without PTT

7 = MFSW without Tiptronic, with PTT

8 = MFSW with Tiptronic and with PTT

1st bit is Cruise control 0 = No cruise control

1 = 6 position Cruise Control System (CCS) via extra stalk

2 = 6 position Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) via extra stalk

3 = 4 position CCS via indicator stalk

4 = Cruise Control System via MFSW

5 = Adaptive Cruise Control via MFSW

0 bit is Rear wiper. 1 = No rear wiper & No board computer

2 = Rear wiper installed, No board computer

3 = No rear wiper, board computer via wiper stalk.

4 = Rear wiper installed & board computer via wiper stalk

Once the car is coded it can be taken for a test drive. All warnings lights should go out once the car has turned a few corners. If the steering wheel light remains on the dash, the steering angle sensor has probably lost it’s basic setting and will need resetting as follows.

Plug in VCDS.

Drive below 20 kph in a straight line for a short distance.

Then, whilst driving, turn the steering one turn to the right and one turn to the left.

Straighten the steering wheel and stop. Keep engine running.

Do not touch the steering wheel.

Using VCDS,

Select 03 Brake electronics.

Security access 16

Enter 40168 to enable basic settings.

Click “Do it”

Select Basic settings 04

Group 060

Click “Go”

Activate the basic setting


If successful, Field 2 will say “OK”.

Click “Done”, “Go back”

This means the controller has learned the zero/straight ahead position.

To check it has worked go to Measuring block 08.

Group 004

Click “Go”

Field 1 value must be between -1.5° and + 1.5°

Click “Done”, “Go back”

The car should now be good to go.

Post 31/10/2009 changes:

From 01/11/2009 VW introduced a new design of steering control/monitoring.

The separate steering angle sensor and electronic control module for steering column switches were combine with the clock spring to produce one unit known as ‘Coil spring with steering angle sensor or steering column electronics control unit’.

The cruise control system (above) for pre- 01/11/2009 cars will not fit cars with the new system (post 01/11/09) so don’t try.

Unfortunately things got worse.

There are two versions of the new steering column control unit.

5K0 953 569 S and 5K0 953 569 T.

This seems to be the result of VW using two different parts suppliers.

The best way to know which part is fitted to your car is to use VCDS to check the steering column control unit. This will tell you which module is fitted.

This is what I believe…let me know if you know different.

5K0 953 569 S is used with the twin stalk combined indicator/cruise control switch.


5K0 953 569 T is used with the three stalk switch set that has separate cruise and indicator stalks.

The result of this confusion is that some VW dealers will tell you that cruise control can’t be fitted to post 01/11/2009 cars at present. This may be true if you buy a cruise control kit because the old universal fit (pre 31/10/2009) kit won’t fit these cars.

So what to do.

1. Use VCDS to find out which steering column control module you have ‘S’ or ‘T’.

2. Purchase the twin stalk cruise switch or the triple stalk cruise switch to match your control module.

Purchasing the correct stalk may be difficult as there are lots of options and some part numbers have been superceeded.