When I first got there, the scouts had M-551 Armored Recon/Airborne Assault Vehicles, the Mortar Crews had M-106 Mortar Carriers, and the infantry had M-113 Armored Personnel Carriers.

SP4 Mike Wakefield and PFC R. Stettler

SP4 Jerry Mallet and Sgt Lionel Sackey

My track A26


Me and PFC R. Mayweather

Me and Mayweather

I don't remember the reason, but after a while, they decided that we needed to park in the mud in a God-forsaken lot back behind the main motorpool.  It was a mess and made daily maintenance activities miserable.

The infamous mortar crew SP4 David Breeding and SGT Billy Bostick

SP4 D Johnson, D Breeding, S Jones and SGT B Pounds

SGT David Montalvo

Pvt G. DeVore

Pvt G. De Fore

Maintenance in the mud in the motorpool

Loading at the railhead for Grafenwoehr

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