"There are teachers and then there are great teachers who make a difference in not only your child's life but also the parents. If you are lucky enough to get Yva, you won't regret it. It's the best investment you will make. 5 of the UK's top 20 schools and 3 scholarships!!! I'm still beating my chest." (Michael, London)

"Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. What a journey the whole family have been on. You only get one chance at the 11+ and this is the tutor to take you on that journey. Yva's words of wisdom to us as parents and our precious Max have been invaluable. You can't put a price on her insights and specialist knowledge. My recommendation: don't even try to do this process without her. She's excellence personified." (Victoria, Radlett)

"Inspirational and Motivational. We are all grateful for her dedication, inspiration and exceptional guidance. Within 1 year she had prepared Alastair for his Common Entrance exam. He got into his first choice school with a scholarship. She's truly brilliant." (Richard, St. Albans)

"Wowzers! Yva represents top class quality education of the sort you won't find in schools nowadays. She is a force of nature - so much to give, so much knowledge, so much excellence. Work with her as a team and your dreams will be realised. Our son sailed into QE Boys and our daughter into HB - the top 2 grammar schools in the country." (Nicholas, London)

"Fantastic approach. Immensely patient and nurturing. She instils confidence in all subject areas and is exceptionally knowledgeable in so very much, not purely academic. It's been a very rewarding experience to work with Yva. She's an excellent tutor." (Amelia, London)

"OMG. Look no further. You will get a better quality education from Yva than any school will ever manage. She's in a different league. What was most enlightening was that this process is not just about Maths, English etc. There are far more components to it, which we couldn't have possibly known about, and she took us through them all. We will never be able to thank her enough for the joy and success she brought to our family." (Alexander, Belsize Park)

"Yva is living proof that hard work pays off. It has been a hard climb but the prize of passing all common entrance exams and being accepted by 3 of the top 10 private schools in the country (2 with scholarships) was worth every moment. Coming from the state sector I am pretty sure this would not have been possible without her in depth knowledge of the private sector and constant motivation and encouragement." (Penelope, St. Albans)

"We feel very lucky to have found Yva. She is friendly, relaxed and fun. The preparation for these exams are a hard experience, but Yva has taken us on this journey and we know Hubert has progressed so much faster and learnt far more than just the curriculum because of her. What a find she has been." (Elizabeth, Harpenden)

"Highly professional. Yva has had an enormous impact on Olivia's academic achievements. She sets expectations and builds confidence. Having witnessed this with Orlando too and seen him grow in his ability to learn and absorb knowledge whilst working with Yva, I have faith that anything is possible with the right tutor. She is truly amazing. Highly recommend to anyone out there." (Stephen, London)

"Great tutor. Goes that extra mile all the time, providing superb value, deep insights, and marvellous results. Being grateful for the difference she has made to our family doesn't seem nearly enough to say thank you." (Margaret, St. Albans)

Email: enquiries@11-plustutor.co.uk or Telephone: 01727 864192