Common Entrance Exam

I have a 100% success rate helping children achieve their first choice public school.

Academic Assessment and Tuition Programme

It is important to assess your child academically in order to recommend and advise you realistically about the school choices to ensure successful preparation for their entrance exams. The time required for preparation depends on each student. However, most students aim to start 18 months to 2 years in advance of the exams to ensure they are completely on top of the subject matter.

At 7+ and 11+ the tuition programme includes preparation in the 4 areas of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

At 13+ the tuition programme includes preparation in Maths, English, French, Latin and the General Paper.

All curriculum areas and subject matter will be fully covered to ensure solid foundations and good understanding. This will also serve to reinforce and consolidate what is being taught at school.

Exam Preparation and Technique

Exam technique and past papers are key to ensuring students have the best chance to succeed at Common Entrance. This is achieved through:-

  • Structured exam training and organisation of important material

  • Revision strategies and techniques

  • Working through past paper questions to understand key areas

  • Ensuring familiarity with the exam format of the 11+ and CEE

  • Working under timed conditions

  • Creating a positive attitude towards the whole process of examinations and building confidence.


Lastly, when the exams have been passed, I assist further with the interview process, including the areas of confidence building and management of stress, to ensure the optimum result.

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