Switching to Guns Extras

Howdy Folks,

This page has all my Switching to Guns Extras, including my Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Labyrinth Lord adventures set in the Ashford Valley.

Extra #1: About a Boy. A traumatized boy shows up at a local farm and the PCs are needed to solve a mystery. Are the humanoid tribes on the war path?

Extra #2: Gnome Trouble. There's been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood and the PCs get accused of being in with the thieves. Can the PCs solve the crime and find the real culprits?

Extra #3: The Emperor's New Clothes. The PCs encounter a wanderer who gets a new coat. Can they survive the fashion change?

Extra #4: Dungeoneering on the Cheap. The PCs are hired to accompany some rich brats into a "dungeon," unfortunately, the fake game turns deadly. Can they guard their charges and get out alive?

Extra #5: 4 Swords for Revenge. The PCs find themselves jobs as bodyguards in a town facing unknown assassins. Can they solve the mystery and save the day?

Extra #6: Missing Caravans. The PCs are asked to find a missing merchant. Along the way, they'll encounter an unusual witch, some poison ivy and a menace facing the Ashford Valley. Can they avoid the poison ivy? (Just kidding, they can't!)