Customer Testimonials

purchased  a juvenile Gargoyle Gecko from you last year. He developed into a perfect adult gecko. He is the best quality Gargoyle Gecko I have ever seen!


We got a Crested Gecko breeding pair from you. They produces amazing babies this season!
We couldn’t have asked for better geckos! It was far beyond our expectations and we definitely will purchase from you again! 

Mark and Leah

My parents got me a Leopard Gecko for my birthday.  I was begging them to get me one, but it was a surprise. The best birthday present ever!  I'm absolutely blown away by his beautiful colors! Love him!!!


My Crested Gecko is healthy and happy. He looks amazing, especially when he is hunting crickets and fired up!


We got Raptor Leopard Gecko from you and it look even better than on the photos! Just a little living piece of Art!


My daughter is very happy with her new Pictus Gecko! We finally found the perfect pet that wouldn't affect her allergies!
Thank you very much for your patience and guidance during last year!  


My boyfriend bought a gecko from you and this gecko is so cute! Never crossed my mind I will love the lizard so much! But this one is GORGEOUS! We couldn't have asked for more!


1001 Geckos provided me with personal help and experiences as well as other resources.  It is nice to know they are always there to answer my questions and help. They really care about the geckos!


Thanks a lot for my beautiful gecko!  You breed amazing geckos!


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new geckos! They both look absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for your help and your patience with all our questions! We really appreciate it and will recommend you to all our friends.

Cody and Angela

Exceptional Geckos!
Healthy, lots of morphs to choose from and the best customer service!
Very happy with our breeding trio we got from these guys.
Highly recommended! 


We got a breeding pair from your last year and now we have their eggs! We are so excited to have our first hatchlings! Hope they will have their rare beauty as their parents! Thank you so much for these amazing geckos!!!

Patrick and Leah

We got 2 Leopard Geckos from you last week for our boys. Geckos doing great and boys are very happy. We love these geckos too! I couldn't imagine that me and my husband will enjoy these exotic creatures so much! Thanks a lot!


Thank you so much for all your advice and help with our Leopard Geckos! We got them last year for our son and he was very excited to breed them and see the eggs and hatchlings by himself. It wouldn't be possible without your help and instructions!

Natasha and Zack

Thank you for the best geckos we ever had. These two Fat-Tailed geckos you sold us, not just are gorgeous, they are so friendly! My kids play and pet them every day. They are tame!!! Thanks!


The geckos I bought recently from you guys are healthy, gorgeous and really friendly. They are such AMAZING pets!!! I love them soooooo much!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!


My parents just bought me 2 leopard geckos from you. They are lovely, friendly and beautiful like no other gecko I have ever seen. You have made my life filled with excitement and action. Thank you very much.


Your geckos are the best! Got a breeding trio from your 2 years ago and now I have beautiful babies! Thank you guys for your support and guidance during these years!


We got an amazing breeding pair of Leopard Geckos from 1001Geckos. 

From start to finish, the whole process was just great! 
Their business is one of the best we've had the pleasure of dealing with. All our questions were answered and there were a lot ️!!

We wouldn't hesitate to buy from these guys again and strongly recommend them if you are looking for great service and a quality Geckos!



Thanks again for all the help, couldn't be happier with my first Crested Gecko!