US History II Project

Mr. Reilly/Mrs. Bogdan

World War II Research Paper and Project

Research Paper Requirements:

  1. Thesis
  2. 5-7 full pages in a SHARED Google Doc
  3. Notecards & Outline in Noodletools; ALL cited information MUST be in a Notecard & linked to a source
  4. MLA Format (8th edition)
  5. Paper MUST have in-text citations
  6. Sources: minimum of three books/eBook articles/database articles, limit of two internet sites, pre-approved by teacher
  7. Work Cited Page

Plagiarism includes:

  • using someone's ideas or words without providing a proper credit (in-text citation & corresponding Works Cited entry)
  • copying and pasting from a source (without quotation marks AND proper credit)
  • quoting too extensively (NO more than 20% on this paper)

Paper: 100 points - Graded on content, meeting requirements and quality of writing

Each day the paper is late, you will lose 10 points: after 5 schools days the paper is worth 50 points

Project Requirements:

  1. Visual Portrayal of your paper
  2. Format: poster, powerpoint or other medium pre-approved by teacher
  3. 4 to 7 minute long oral presentation to accompany visual
  4. Visual must be presented without reading from your paper

Visual Presentation: 50 points - Graded on accuracy, presentation length, audience engagement

Due Dates:

Works Cited Draft:

Notecard Check (2+ Notecards from each source):

DRAFT Paper (2 FULL pages minimum):

FINAL Paper:

Guidelines for a Successful Project:

  • Use your class research time wisely
  • Extra research outside of class time will be required! Plan ahead.
  • Use an Essential Question to guide your research
  • Create a thesis and conduct research to prove your position
  • Your thesis can be based on: cause and effect, processes, hypothetical situations:
    • Why was the Invasion of Normandy the turning point of the war in Europe?
    • How did medical advances save lives on the Battlefield?
    • How important was the role of women during WWII?
  • Your visual presentation needs to engage your audience –Do Not Read from Your Paper!