November 2017

Preparations for Bargaining 2018

The SEA Bargaining Team needs your input!

In August, 2018, the current SEA contract will expire. Your SEA Bargaining Team wants to hear from you and to that end, your SEA Building Representatives have signed up their respective schools for bargaining interviews.

After the Thanksgiving break, look for a sign up schedule for your school and SIGN UP! You may be talking to your building rep or a rep from a different school. You may be talking to me or Lyn Sherry. Regardless of who you talk to, our SEA Bargaining Team goal is to gather input from you and that input will be read and analyzed by the team.

We look forward to talking with you at these interviews.

Shoreline School Board Approves a Resolution for Two Replacement Levies

On Monday, November 6, the Shoreline School Board approved a resolution to place two 4-year replacement levies on the February 13, 2018 special election ballot. For more information, to view the presentation or to ask a question, click here.

Superintendent Rebecca Miner has presented information about the levies to staff at Syre, Parkwood, Ridgecrest, Highland Terrace, and Shorewood. These are the dates, times and schools for future presentations:

    • November 15 2:45 pm Children's Center, Early Childhood Education, Head Start at North City
    • November 20 7:30 am Kellogg
    • November 29 8:00 am Echo Lake
    • November 30 8:25 am Brookside
    • December 1 7:30 am Einstein
    • December 13 8:00 am Lake Forest Park8
    • January 10 8:00 am Meridian Park and MP Kindergarten Program

As with the bond vote last winter, SEA members will be asked to help pass these levies. I will have more information for you as the plan develops.

District Assessment Review Committee, Part 2

This committee is reviewing the assessments that . At the first meeting, the committee members were given a review of the recommendations made to the Superintendent in spring 2017. The second meeting was held on November 8. At this meeting, the committee reviewed assessments that were suggested by SEA committee members and by the facilitators, Michael Power and Ellen Kaje.

New Buildings!

If you have time to drive south of 175th on Meridian, you'll see that the Shoreline Children's Center building is no more. Those programs have moved to the North City campus. The district goal is to have the Children's Center, the Early Childhood Center and Head Start back in the new facility by fall, 2018.

Parkwood Elementary School's remodel is next! The district's plan is for Parkwood to move to the North City campus for the 2018-19 school year. Architects have presented plans for Parkwood and those plans are being finalized. The district's goal is to have the new Parkwood Elementary School campus ready by fall 2019.

Einstein and Kellogg follow in fall 2019. The district's plan is to complete the remodels for both schools while students and staff are on campus. These campuses are scheduled for completion by fall, 2020.