Smart Transportation Services

Good news for LTL shippers


Please contact for a Free-of-charge proof-of-concept pilot project to perform Carrier Invoice Audits for enterprise shippers to immediately identify and measure transportation Savings Captured and Savings Lost, typical blindspots for most enterprise shippers.

Savings Captured due to smart negotiations to obtain favorable or reductions in carrier rates.

Savings is Lost when the least cost mode of transportation is overridden with higher-cost service.

Click to view instructions for a self-running demo of ShippingHub Smart Transportation Services

With minimal effort and time investment, simply send requests to transportation partners, forward rate sheets and electronic invoices to

ShippingHub will do the rest:

SmartTransportationServices Flyer.pdf

Easy to integrate ShippingHub Product Suite is designed to co-exist with currently deployed ERP, WMS & TMS:

  • SmartRate templates and SmartRates API (pop-up option) to accurately rate shipments, from any origin to any destination.

  • Cost Simulator to compare multiple carrier rates and to perform what-if scenarios

  • Control Tower to securely share shipment data with internal & external users, as it happens

  • Multiple user-configurable Shipping Solutions: server-based SmartShip, browser-based OnlineEntry & Excel-based SmartEntry templates, all with one-scan shipment processing capability.

  • CONFIRM API is designed for ERP, WMS & TMS to automatically process shipments and print compliant shipping documents in the background without user intervention with one simple and easy-to-use API call.

Instructions to explore ShippingHub Smart Transportation Services at your own pace.

Steps to become a Smarter Shipper

  • Simplified the RFP process: request rate sheets, perform cost simulations, repeat for best possible rates

  • Online rate-shop

  • Simplified shipment processing with easy-to-integrate shipping solutions

  • Securely share shipment data with authorized internal and external users via ShippingHub Control Tower

  • Carrier Payment processing with purpose-built ShippingHub Control Tower templates